Accessing the Great ArchAngelic

April 4, 2017 @ 6:15 pm – 10:30 pm
Awake to Love and Online
811 23rd St
Santa Monica, CA 90403

“Through participating in the series, every aspect of my life has been affected, transforming me into the presence of loving!  It has been a journey into divine understanding through experiential learning. Healing, expansion, clearing, grace and intimacy with Spirit are the hallmarks of each class.” – Katy Kamen, Counselor

“My attunement is higher! I now access karmic records and watch for Archangels working with my clients.” – Elisa Novick, Counselor, Facilitator

In Accessing the Great ArchAngelic – Bridge to Higher Consciousness, we will explore how you may access positive, spiritual presences (e.g. Christ, Buddha, The Traveler, your own high self, Archangels etc.) in a more direct conscious way. We will also share the exponential growth you may attain through more conscious participation with the great archangels. In the first class, you’ll connect with and experience a specific Archangel that you are most resonant with to be with you during the series. We will have inspiring PowerPoint presentations to offer you esoteric truths that have possibly not been shared before regarding angelic access and evolution and the Christ plan etc. We will also have a stunningly beautiful video meditation so that you may experience the more commonly beloved great archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, etc. We will take sharing and answer your specific questions each night as well. If you’re online, we will answer your general questions. As always, we will have delicious snacks for you to share with your family on the break.

Alisha has assisted me to attune to my Angelic heritage and to Archangels in a tangible and visceral way. Doing so is a source of Divine guidance, deep comfort and joy! I also understand myself in a deeper, more profound way. I have experienced an up leveling in my work as a holistic doctor and how consciousness can change cellular health for healing. I experience greater attunement, loving and graceful flow.” – Dr. Mark Holmes, OMD. L.Ac

We are asking all of our participants to commit to the series as a whole (as we have done in series past) as each class builds upon the prior one and the work and support (spiritual and physical)  very much continues between classes! If you cannot attend one class in-person you can always do it online.

“After participating in Michael and Alisha’s series, I am elated that I can now almost instantly move into awareness of the heart of God! To say this has been transformative is to ridiculously minimize what I have experienced.” – Stu Lichtman Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

If you’d like to save your spot in-person or online, please contact our office as soon as possible at 1(310)472-8465 or email ( If you have any questions about specific content, please email Alisha (Alisha@AwakeToLove.Com). This series is half the price of our previous workshops and will be the last time we’ll be able to offer at this price for working with both Michael and Alisha. We hope to see you there. Specifics are below.

“This confirmed for me the existence of angels. Many times daily, the Angel I experienced in the series and I share loving and outbursts of Light.” – S.G.


• Tuesday, April 4

• Tuesday, April 18

• Tuesday, May 2

• Monday, May 15

• Tuesday, May 30 – God Round Date Just Added!


• 6:15pm to 10:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time (Ending time is approximate)

In-Person Attendance + Sharing + Archive Access Tuition:

• $900 for the series + $200 for the God Round (Date Just Added!)

• Unlimited space available

• If you cannot attend a class you can always attend Online

Online Live Stream + Archive Access Tuition:

• $300 for the series + $40 for the God Round (Date Just Added!)

• Payment is due in full on the day of class

**Contact our office to register today!**
1(310)472-8465 or



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