The Christ Mass – The Path of Love

November 14, 2017 @ 6:15 pm – 10:30 pm
Awake to Love and Online
16784 Cll Arbolada
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
The Christ Mass - The Path of Love

Join us for The Christ Mass In-Person and Online

The Christ Mass – The Path of Love will continue our exploration of the Christ action as it is playing out in creation, our solar system, our planet, different countries and in our individual lives. There will be an intensive examination of the Christ action and Christ consciousness as it has played out through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as well as through others who have carried this blessing for mankind.


“For every class, I was looking forward to the precious time w/ Michael and Alisha. The best way I could explain is to say, they assist me in “remembering” myself ever higher to the body/spirit of the Christ and my deep connection to the All. The experience often went beyond the words and moved me to the ‘Essence’…. The Christ was/is so alive in me. Thank you for the beauty, gloriousness of these classes.” – Alexandra Roberts, Founder Awakening Cosmic Beauty


A message from Michael about The Christ Mass – The Path of Love: Christ gave us an example of divine love manifested through physical form. We are all also capable of this! When he said that of himself he could do nothing, but it was the Father through him doing his own work who accomplished all these things, He was giving us the key. This workshop will instruct us in how to be, in a greater capacity,  the instrument of Spirit as Christ Jesus was, and to more fully fulfill his promise- that we to would do what he has done, and even greater. These classes will offer opportunity for greater remembrance and manifestation of the Christ action through each participant.”

Please enjoy a sharing and meditation (below) by Michael Hayes from our spring series, ‘The Way of The Christ – The Disciples Path’. In the first video Michael talks about the karmic shift on the planet, the Luciferian plan, and the Christ opportunity. In the meditation, Michael takes us on on a profound journey into the Christ.  

Michael Hayes and Alisha Das Hayes will take sharing and answer your specific questions each class. If you’re online, we will do our best to address your general questions.

I noticed that convergent moments were getting richer and richer as I participated on the physical online, yet I had beautiful transcendental awareness and experiences throughout the course.” – RMZ, Electrical Engineer


If you choose to prepay and sign up for all four classes at once, we are offering a discount for your commitment. There is limited space available, so our prepaid In-Person participants will get priority for seating. If you commit to the full series, but cannot attend one class in-person you can always do it online.

If you’d like to save your spot in-person or online, please contact our office as soon as possible at +1(310)472-8465 or email ( We hope to see you there!


“I am aware of greater attunement to the essence of Spirit within me. I’m aware of my dialogue with Jesus Christ is more personal and my part of my relationship with Jesus grew in intimacy and partnership.” – Edie Willey



• Tuesday, November 14

• Tuesday, November 21

• Wednesday, November 29

• Tuesday, December 5



• 6:15pm to 10:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time (Ending time is approximate)


In-Person Attendance + Sharing + Archive Access Tuition:

• $250/class for the series of 4. One class drop in to try class is $300.00/class

• Limited space available

• If you cannot attend a class you can always attend Online

For Our In-Person Participants

  • Walk The Christ Mass – The Path of Love with an intimate supportive, highly intended group.
  • Ask questions  about the themes and how to apply them to your own  transformation.
  • Join in Online if you are out of town for a class via Live Stream.
  • Relax in a comfortable home setting in reclining loungers, comfortable chairs, and couches; with blankets and pillows; slippers; flowers; candles; etc.

If you would like to attend In-Person, Contact Our Office (+1-310-472-8465) to Register for The Way of The Christ.


Online Live Stream + Archive Access Tuition:

• $100 per class for series of 4, or $125 per class to try one class.

• Payment is due in full on the first day of class

For Our Online Participants

  • Join The Christ Mass – The Path of Love in real-time in the comfort of your own home.
  • Relax and Learn with DVR features for the live broadcast; recordings from each class so you may give yourself to the experience without worrying about missing information.
  • At this time, we are not technologically capable to take live questions from our online family but feel free to submit via email general spiritual questions you’d like answered during the next class!

If you would like to Live Stream, Contact Our Office (+1-310-472-8465) to Register for The Christ Mass – The Path of Love.


With each class, I am aware that I make shifts in awareness, have greater awareness of being here and in Spirit simultaneously, letting go and surrounding my cherished beliefs and the illusion of control, a tad more acceptance each class, and immense gratitude for everything because Everything is of God.” – Mary Ellen Agolia, Ph. D


**Contact our office to register today!**
+1(310)472-8465 or





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