The Way of The Christ – The Disciples Path

June 20, 2017 @ 6:15 pm – 10:30 pm
Awake to Love and Online
811 23rd St
Santa Monica, CA 90403

I have experienced significant growth from my participation from both in-person and online. I have experienced…more consistent conscious connection with Spirit, more Peace, and greater inner relaxation resulting from an authentic experience that ‘all is truly well’. Additionally, I am experiencing a greater ability to move my consciousness into the Oneness.  This is a profound gift that supports me daily!” – Licia RF

The Way of The Christ – The Disciples Path will be a very deep exploration of the Christ action as it is playing out in creation, our solar system, our planet, different countries and in our individual lives. There will be an intensive examination of the Christ action and Christ consciousness as it has played out through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as well as through others who have carried this blessing for mankind.

The class will offer opportunity for greater remembrance and manifestation of the action through each participant.

Michael Hayes will take sharing and answer your specific questions each class. If you’re online, we will do our best to address your general questions. As always, we will have delicious snacks for you to share with your family on the break.

The upliftment, knowledge, understanding and assistance I receive in breaking loose the blocks I have created within myself is a blessing from Spirit!“- LJ Ward

If you choose to prepay and sign up for all five classes at once, we are offering a discount for your commitment. There is limited space available, so our prepaid In-Person participants will get priority for seating. If you commit to the full series, but cannot attend one class in-person you can always do it online.

If you’d like to save your spot in-person or online, please contact our office as soon as possible at 1(310)472-8465 or email ( We hope to see you there!

I am more conscious that I am One with the Lord and am allowing God more in my consciousness. I have already recommended this series to my friends. Everyone can benefit!”- Mavi Sroor


• Tuesday, June 20

• Monday, June 26

• Thursday, July 13

• Thursday, July 20

• Tuesday, July 25


• 6:15pm to 10:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time (Ending time is approximate)

“Being in the energy was very uplifting! I would recommend the class for awakening to ‘that which is,’ inner knowing and remembering we are one with God and so choose the high road while enjoying the game.” -Daniel Safron

In-Person Attendance + Sharing + Archive Access Tuition:

• $300 per class; or $1300 prepaid for the series

• Unlimited space available

• If you cannot attend a class you can always attend Online

Online Live Stream + Archive Access Tuition:

• $125 per class; or $500 prepaid for the series

• Payment is due in full on the first day of class

**Contact our office to register today!**
1(310)472-8465 or



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