A Message about 2012

There is a misunderstanding about this time that many people hold, thinking that this is a time of disaster and loss. But the greater truth is that it is a promised blessing extended from Spirit, to lift those souls who have been caught in an illusion of hopelessness, that there is a way to live in loving, to live the way their hearts would call them to live, and that there is a benevolent source of life that oversees their world, individually and totally. That source is with them now, in their time of challenge, answering their prayers with new opportunity. This is a time of endings, but what is ending is not life, but of old ways of perceiving, old ways of knowing, and old ways of understanding and interpreting experience. It is a paradigm shift, which is really a perceptual shift, that is emerging in this time. It’s been happening over time, largely unnoticed because of its progressive approach and progressive process.

A recent poll obtained the interesting result that suggests that 85% of the people in the United States now believe in reincarnation. If this is so, and certainly seems that it could be, how did it come about? How did we as a collective people move from the myopic vision of a restricted view of living, that had no room for other ways of seeing life and God than those espoused by the prevailing religion, into this greater consciousness, that’s made room for this different understanding? We have been evolving and changing planetwise almost without noticing, but in 2012 we come to a great advent of the Spirit into this world of men, of materiality, and of substance itself. The vibration of the earth is changing. The Spirit has promised. The age to come is the answer of that promise. As the world is being meditated by God and those that serve God in the highest ways into an altered state, the physical world is following suit and changing. This action throws up all that is not suitable for the New Age to come, thus the appearance of so much darkness that many people then perceive as a falling of consciousness, a movement away from light. But it is just the heating crisis that precedes wellness, as that which has infected the system is consumed by the fire of Spirit, the fever of Spirit, to bring balance to the organism. We are that organism. This planet is that organism. God is the physician, and love is the medicine. So let us love in this time one another and our world, and know that in our world that healing has begun.



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