A Message of Hope

The calling that comes out of the heart of God is this is the time that man is to have joy and have it more abundantly. Every soul knows that love is the essence of life. Every soul knows this because every soul is that essence and everyone who walks the earth will come to the truth, the fulfillment, the example-ship of this. In this age this greater example-ship is a calling that goes out and touches the hearts of many, calling them forward to more exemplify this truth of loving. It is not sent forward as a call with a demand upon it, but as a call that carries opportunity to partake of the fountain of God’s ever flowing abundant love and then share the overflow with those around you.

So we become the water-bearers of this new age who bear the water of the spiritual love. We bear that water, that fruit of God that can be absorbed and received in the human form and flood the hearts of others. We do it not as an agenda to proselytize or change or convert them to anything, but to share with them the good news.  To share the joy of love, the presence of the Holy Spirit that has moved upon the waters and moved upon our lives. For God has spoken and said, “Let there be light.” That light is extending itself now in greater fullness and conscious awareness amongst the many. It’s done according to the Father’s will and it will be so for all mankind at some point.  In every moment we have choice and so we empower ourselves by choosing wisely, by choosing loving. Our choosing helps others find the strength to also choose loving and the momentum of loving grows on the planet.

We are called to celebrate with God the advent of this miracle of transformation that He is enacting on this planet.  From the highest perspective, it’s as ordinary as sunrise and sunset, but it’s still glorious to behold and even more glorious to partake of. Each of us will answer this call according to our own ability to hear, understand and to surrender to it. It’s surrendering to the call that is really what it’s about at its essence. We surrender the story line that has driven us to the incomplete experience and expression of life, to the suffering, to the hardship and the unnecessary experiences. We surrender past those and accept this ocean of love and mercy that is descending from the heavens and making itself more available to be partaken of by the many.

Each of us carries the cup of Christ, of God’s love made manifest. That cup is the heart of loving that was sent to and through us. You will know that the Father loves you despite all the travails and the experience of being lost in the wilderness. You will know that the Father loves you and has sent one for you who will share with you a way home. Come and drink of this water, of love made flesh.



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