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Spiritual Counseling

Michael Hayes and Alisha Das Hayes offer private spiritual counseling sessions by phone, Skype or in-person. They work with individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

Michael and Alisha draw from an extensive and diverse range of modalities and techniques.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Ministerial Counseling
  • Karmic Clearing
  • Energetic Work
  • Messages from Spirit
  • Education
  • Loving

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Workshops and Webinars
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    • Greatly Enhanced Emotional balance
  • Negative Thinking moved towards Positive Focus
  • More Spiritually aware, conscious and connected
  • Greater sense of purpose and/or Realigned to purpose
  • Released negative Habits or addictions
  • Gained greater clarity and freedom in relationships
  • Enhanced and revitalized Creativity
  • Greater access to their Intuition and Higher Guidance
  • More energy, vitality, well-being
  • Freedom from conscious or unconscious manipulation from others
  • Relationships healed and/or clarified
  • Successfully and gracefully navigated the Entertainment, Service or any other industries
  • Job, Household issues
  • Clarity on Metaphysical visions or experiences
  • ETC! No issue is too big or too small…

One of Michael’s greatest strengths is assisting others to thrive in all kinds of relationships with loving, balance and personal freedom.
By looking at the underlying karma of the relationship, people can come to greater understanding and acceptance of their situation. Often the karma shifts and loving and intimacy return, communication improves and the relationship is strengthened. Couples and Families will often come together before a major life change (like getting married), to heal and resolve current conflicts (e.g. sibling rivalry, communication issues etc.) Groups and businesses will often come in pairs or all together to gain greater alignment to the purpose and goals of the group or business, resolve issues etc.

Relationships and Families:

  • Greater understanding of their relationship and the karma involved
  • Deepened compassion for self and others
  • Resolution of divisive issues
  • Forgiveness and letting go of resentment
  • Enhanced Intimacy
  • Easier and more effective Communication
  • More fun and enjoyment of life together
  • Humor!
  • Creating more successfully together
  • Ending a relationship with loving and completion
  • Relief from grief
  • Letting go of attachment to a severed or unavailable relationship
  • Resolution of individual issues, which make the relationship far easier.
  • Discovery of or Realignment to higher purpose together
  • Altitude from finding out the perfection of the situation
  • Easier to stay true to Spirit’s guidance in the relationship

Businesses and Executives

Michael works with CEOS, Managers and their staff to be successful in achieving their goals and to stay aligned with their higher purpose as individuals and as a Business.

  • Increase in Revenue, Sales, Clients
  • Gaining Consensus about important decisions or direction of the business
  • Resolution of Interdepartmental Conflicts
  • Assistance with Expansion
  • Clarity on Hiring Decisions
  • Resolution of Setbacks in business performance
  • Alignment to a new Direction and Spiritual Purpose and Support for the Business (and individuals)
  • Personal Reasons Resolved, which make for more effective leaders and staff

Counselors and Educators

  • Heightened Spiritual Awareness and Attunement
  • Increased Intuitive Abilities
  • Have learned new ways to assist and serve clients
  • Increased revenue and abundance
  • Interdepartmental relations Improved and Conflicts Resolved
  • Felt more confident and expansive
  • Increased their range of ability
  • Cleared unwanted residue and over-responsibility for clients and learned how to stay more clear in the future
  • Assistance and clarity on challenging or unusual cases
  • Great place to refer clients who need his unique services
  • Realigned to higher purpose of their work
  • Increased authenticity
  • Healing of Personal reasons which made them far better Counselors/Educators

Our purpose is to help people awaken to their Divine Nature and intuition
Regardless of your faith or walk of life, you are an expression of God or Divine Spirit. We believe that by awakening to that Love within you, you can access powerful healing and manifest greater joy and abundance in your life.

The Healing Power of Spirit – Live Event – July 27

The Healing Power of Spirit - Live Event - July 27, 2014






We invite you to partake of  the profound loving and energy of God that permeates the room as we gather to experience The Healing Power of Spirit, Sunday, July 27th....


The Consciousness of Healing – Online Seminar

We hope this finds you loving God's life for you. As always, we send you our heartfelt gratitude, loving and fondest wishes for your Spiritual fulfillment.
We have heard your repeated requests to be able to watch past events from Awake To Love that you may have...


Join Michael Hayes for “Clearing the Way for Spirit” – October 28, 2012
On October 28th, Michael Hayes will be leading his last scheduled event for 2012 at the University of Santa Monica, and also available worldwide via live webcast. Alisha Hayes is also expected to give a presentation and participate in sharing. The event will include a presentation followed by a group...


See Michael Hayes on Deepak Chopra’s 30 Days of Intent
October 2012 Join Deepak Chopra, family & friends on a journey of personal, social, global and spiritual transformation, featuring Michael Hayes. In this revolutionary experiment hosted and guided by Deepak Chopra, two people set an intention at the beginning of the month, and let us follow their process in depth for 30 days...


Michael Hayes’ Service Work in Europe with MSIA
September 2012 Michael Hayes will be spending the month of September traveling through Europe with John-Roger and the Movement of Spiritual Awareness, doing service and consciousness work throughout Europe. This annual event gathers ministers and members of MSIA for a very sacred journey, working together to cultivate Light and healing.


Michael Hayes on Wisdom School TV
July 30th, 2012 See Michael Hayes’ interview on Wisdom School TV, hosted by Heaven-On-Earth-Mentor, Rebecca Skeele. During this program: Exploring the Path of Love and Light in These Uncertain Times, Rebecca and Michael explore how the energetic shifts we are experiencing in these times are affecting all of...



  • Individuals

    “I’ve worked with Michael for over nine years. His support has been and continues to be invaluable to me. I’ve experienced significant gains in my marriage, relationships with family and friends, career, and spiritual practice due to our sessions together. Equally as precious are the greater levels of joy, peace, clarity, compassion and loving that I’m experiencing within. I am deeply grateful!”
    Licia Rester-Frazee, Director of Online Education and Faculty Member of The University of Santa Monica

    “My sessions with Michael are a cornerstone of my spiritual progression. Michael serves as a guidepost for me to ensure that I am on track, that I am clear on levels I am consciously and not consciously aware of, and that I am keeping my eyes on the Lord. As I step forward on my path of Soul Transcendence, there are a few truths that I know. One of them is working with Michael Hayes. For me, he has been a true gift from God in service to my healing and spiritual unfoldment. I am grateful beyond words.”
    Debbie Roth, Director, Nutrition Within LLC and PTS Rep Coordinator

  • Relationships and Families

    “Michael shines in couples counseling! My wife and I have seen him together for several appointments. With each session our marriage improved dramatically. Today our compatibility, love and fun together is better than ever due, in large part, to Michael’s outstanding skills.”
    Richard Mitz, DDS, Orthodontist, Investor

    “Michael is an amazingly insightful person, particularly in the area of relationships, which is often the single most challenging arena people find themselves involved with. Along with his perceptive abilities, he adds patience, caring and understanding –making it possible to deal with difficult, challenging and personally painful situations as gracefully as possible. The more difficult the challenge, the more practical and deeply perceptive his assistance becomes. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael and his work, having gratefully utilized his services for more than 20 years.”
    Tom Boyer, Business Trainer, Coach and Consultant

  • Businesses and Executives

    “His counsel has not only given us the right input at the right time – it has also helped to train us in recognizing our own intuitive truths. We consider Michael a critical member of our team – personally and professionally.”
    –David Allen, Time Management Guru

    “I have worked for over 30 years as a Coach, Facilitator and a Consultant to extremely high performing individuals and Fortune 1000 companies. Over that period of time the only consultant I have needed to hire to advise me in all the different aspects of my life has been Michael Hayes. His advice has benefited me both professionally and personally and I have complete trust in his advise and counsel.”
    Joe Hubbard, Executive Vice President, Insight Seminar – Business & Leadership Development

    “As a direct result of Michael’s counsel, I was able to double my sales this year and achieve my personal record of sales in a given year. His particular focus and method gets results that other coaches weren’t able to achieve. His style is respectful, direct and honest. He is intuitive, yet very practical. His perception is keen and his ability to integrate various aspects of my life is profound. I always come away with greater clarity, sense of purpose and the ability to get results.”
    Mark Samuel, President and Founder of IMPAQ Consulting – Author of Creating the Accountable Organization and co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability

  • Counselors and Educators

    ”Michael is blessed with an extraordinary gift of spiritual awareness that allows him to see deeply into the heart of the situation. His clarity and compassion offer gateways to accelerated transformation. We’ve known him for 25 years and when we have need, he’s the person we call.”
    Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick, President and Chief Academic Officer (USM), Co-Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul

    “I have been involved as a facilitator, seminar leader and speaker in the arena of personal growth, transformational education and counseling since 1977. I’ve worked with somewhere over 200,000 people and include in my circle of friends the very top people in all these fields. Michael is one of only a couple people I go to when I want personal counseling myself. I’ve experienced almost magical results in his ability to clear my hidden unconscious blocks and issues, move and free up energy and bring in the higher spiritual perspective, knowing and energy. He has a unique and immensely valuable gift. His perception, penetration, and perspective are unsurpassed. He does his work with compassion, empathy and kindness. And besides that, he’s just a good man.”
    Terry Tillman , President, 22/7 Company

    “Working with Michael expands my inner confidence & enhances my inner peace. I coach for a living. I see Michael as the ‘Counselor’s Counselor’. I find Michael helpful in keeping me clear as I work with my clients, also assisting the integrity of my counseling to share from a clean & impeccable place. It’s the gift I give myself & a wise thing to do!”
    MJ Lemler, Life Coach