Awake To Love
  • Is Awake to Love right for me?

    This is the most common question we receive. Awake to Love is for people of all faiths and walks of life who are looking to deepen their connection to a higher power, and to become more aware of their own unique spiritual path. Awake to Love is for people new to spirituality, and for lifelong seekers alike.

    Consider the following questions:

    • Do you believe in God?
    • Do you believe in miracles?
    • Do you have an open mind and an open heart?
    • Do you believe that life is sacred?
    • Do you believe that healing is more than just physical?
    • Do you believe in reincarnation?
    • Do you believe that your life has a higher purpose?
    • Do you believe in a soul?
    • Do you want to experience greater joy, love, and abundance in your life

    If you answer “Yes” or even “Maybe” to at least one of these questions, then chances are you already have become aware of your Divine Nature on some level, and would find value in doing this work. Ultimately, we encourage you to go inside, ask if this kind of work speaks to you, and listen to your intuition.

  • What’s a ‘typical’ session like?

    It varies depending on what bought you  but a session ‘looks’ pretty down to earth. Michael listens to you outwardly and to Spirit inwardly and he communicates to you what he sees and hears. He comes from a scientific background and he double checks the efficacy and pragmatism of what he shares. He is relaxed, warm and often humorous while also being laser focused on your and Spirit. He will start with a brief prayer or calling forward of the highest source of love and guidance. You can then tell him in what area you’d like assistance. He may use any of the modalities described in About Michael’s Work. He may do more traditional counseling, or he may explain the karma of your situation, which might include reading from your past (in this and/or other lives.)  He may do clearing (see below).   He may do energetic work on the Aura (a radiation around the human body that is reflective of the soul’s existence on other plains of reality) the Meridians (energy lines by which life-force travels the body) and Chakras (energy centers which translate spiritual energy into magnetic energy for the body’s use.) It will probably look like he’s just listening to you though he’s also working to clear and realign your subtle energy fields.  He will likely do this silently unless there’s something you need to know about it. You will probably feel clearer, more at peace, more aware of your divine nature just from this part of the work though you may not know why (or care!).

  • What is ‘Consciousness Clearing’?

    Michael may assist you to let go of unconscious or subconscious influences in your life. These can be from other people or from metaphysical or psychic sources. Often our involvement with others activates our karma, which allows us to work it out. However, we can also then be more open to others’ influence than we’re aware of.  Both parties are often unconscious of this level of communication. Michael can bring this to our conscious awareness to see if we still choose to be affected in this way. He may assist us to let go of this influence so we can move forward in our life and make clearer, freer choices.

  • Is Michael psychic?

    One must be quite discerning and careful when they start exploring and interpreting the areas of the psychic and Spiritual. There is a significant (though not necessarily commonly known) difference between Spiritual and psychic abilities. Michael can certainly access the psychic levels if Spirit directs, however, his abilities are referred to as spiritual rather than psychic. Psychic ability is manifested when someone tunes into you to get information. Michael tunes into a Spiritual source that knows you and reveals only what is for your highest good to be aware of and dealt with. Spirit directs him to use that information in a way in that honors and serves you.

  • What areas, subjects can I ask him about? Does he have a ‘specialty’?

    Please see the About Michael’s Work Section and we think you’ll see you can ask him anything. His ‘specialty’ is attuning to Spirit and addressing what you bring forward, what’s important to you. He will often bring the spiritual perspective into any area if that’s what he’s given to do. As a side note, he’s heard just about everything over more than 30 years of this work so know you’re in a very safe and accepting space.

  • How do I prepare for the session?

    You certainly don’t need to do anything to ‘prepare’ for a session but this is commonly asked so here are a few options. You may want to have a few specific areas in mind. Most people know exactly why they’re calling so that’s handled! You might take a moment to open yourself to receive all that Spirit has for you. You could bring a notebook to take notes because Michael doesn’t suggest sessions be recorded (see recording sessions-link to recording session later in this section). The energy of the office is sublime and relaxed.  Some folks come in and meditate while they wait for their session. Others like to have a cup of tea, enjoy our current magazines, make notes about what they want to ask etc. Our office staff is very friendly and will help you feel at home and at ease.

  • Is it just as effective to talk on the phone to him as see him in person?

    Michael works with folks all over the world. If you are local to LA (or visiting) you can come see him in person. Spirit is doing the work, not him, so most of the time; it’s just as effective to talk to him on the phone if you live far away. This being LA, many local folks will even call instead of driving over (though we are centrally located, in a great neighborhood). Occasionally it is more beneficial for you to see him in person. You’ll know what’s is best for you.

  • Can I record the session?

    For your own benefit, Michael does not allow clients to record sessions.  We often take or pull back what is familiar to us even if it doesn’t serve us and that can happen when you listen to a recording of your session. The point of working with consciousness is that we can truly let things go for the last time!  You are welcome to take notes if you desire.

  • How long are sessions?

     Michael works with you as long as Spirit directs instead of imposing a set amount of time upon the session. Yours could be longer or shorter than the ‘average’ and could vary (sometimes widely) from one session to the next. He works with what is present. While we don’t know exactly how long your session will be we can tell you how long sessions tend to be to give you an idea.

    • Phone sessions average around 30- 45 minutes.
    • In person sessions tend to go a bit longer, averaging around 50 to 75 minutes
    • Two people (like a couple) tend to run longer than one person but sometimes not.
    • A family or small group obviously depends on how many are seeing him together and again, a number of factors.

    We block out the above amount of time for you to make sure you have enough time but of course, you are only charged for the actual time you work. If you need more time than we’ve scheduled he will keep working with you until it’s spiritually clear to stop (or until you tell him to because of finances). Obviously, you are in charge of how many questions you ask so you can monitor the length in that way. It’s actually a pretty graceful process. We do the best we can to schedule appointment times while still following Spirit’s guidance.

    If you have budget considerations and want to stop at a certain amount of time, it is YOUR responsibility to tell him when to stop in the moment you want him to. He will be focused on you and Spirit, not the clock and he will keep going until Spirit (or you) tell him you have received what you came for.  You may want to set a timer so watching the clock does not distract you. When it goes off, you can always decide whether you want to continue or not. Please understand you will be charged for the time you work with him.

  • What if he’s running late and I get the machine when I call for my appointment?

    Given the above you will likely understand that if you call the session line and get the message, it’s because Michael is finishing up with the prior person. We greatly appreciate your patience if this happens. Perhaps it helps to know that the next time you need more time, you will get it. We do the best we can to follow Spirit and still help everyone stay on schedule. If you get the machine, please hang up and call back in five minutes. If you still don’t get him after 20 minutes, please call the office (310-472-8691) and ask them to call you when he’s ready. Often, he’ll let the office know if he’s running over and they’ll call you and tell you that they’ll call you when he’s ready so you can go about your life until he’s ready. The session machine (the number you call only when you have a session scheduled) does NOT take messages so please don’t leave a message on the session machine because we won’t be able to hear it. If you want to leave a message, call the scheduling line at the Office (310-472-8465). When he calls you to tell you he’s ready, please hang up and then call him back to begin your session. Most of the time, if he’s late, it’s not more than 10-15 minutes. If he’s running quite late and you can’t wait until he calls you, please call the office scheduling line (310-472-8465) and we’ll be happy to get you in again as soon as possible and very likely in the next 48 hours. If you’re coming in person, we will call you if he’s running late if we know enough ahead of time. Otherwise, if you’re at the office, we do have a pleasant waiting room, a comfortable couch, water, tea, current magazines etc. You could also go to very near Brentwood cafes or shopping and we’ll call you when he’s ready. Again, we apologize if you have to wait. Most of the time, you won’t have to. At least it will be in the comfort of your own home (or ours). It’s rather like a Doctor’s office where one is serving with compassion and organically and that can’t be timed like clockwork. Thanks for your understanding!

  • How often do I need to work with him?

    That’s entirely up to you! You’ll know when you need to work with him again. He empowers you to work in partnership with Spirit so you will not necessarily need his assistance as much.  Some folks do schedule recurring weekly, monthly or even yearly check-ins. Many just call when something is up and they feel they would benefit from his assistance. You might  call or see him more when you are going through a particularly intense time, a period of significant change, a time when you feel you are being unduly influenced by outer sources, you want to move up  to the next level of spiritual awareness etc. It’s up to you.

  • Can I schedule recurring appointments or schedule well in advance?

    Sure. He’s scheduled out for years. Just call us if you can’t make a standing appointment so we can give it to someone on the waiting list.

  • What if I want to get an appointment right away? Do you have a cancellation or waiting list?

    If you don’t get an appointment as soon as you’d like, please  schedule as session and also ask us to put you on the cancellation list and we’ll call you right away if an opening occurs sooner than your scheduled appointment. If it’s a true emergency please tell us and you might want to tell us a bit about the nature of it so Michael can look in on you, send Light and also make a more informed decision about whether he needs to talk to you right away.   If he can and it’s a true emergency. he  will do so. Please understand that the work he does requires a great deal from him, so we are careful to not overbook him. We will do our very best to get you in as soon as possible. We really do understand the urgency of wanting to talk to him and we also have to honor those who called before you and take care of Michael. If you don’t hear back from us as soon as you’d like, please feel free to call again though we do our best to call back within 12 hours. Please do NOT call the session line if you don’t have a scheduled appointment as that will only confuse Michael and make him late for someone else’s  already scheduled time. Thanks! As a reminder, the number to schedule a session is 310-472-8465. The number to call for your session only AFTER your session is scheduled is 310-472-8691

  • Can’t he just talk to me for just five minutes right now?

    Once Michael starts working with you, he cannot stop until ‘the Light picks up’ (please don’t ask us to explain that one.) or until Spirit says you’re complete. So if he starts to do ‘five minutes’ with you and it turns into 35 minutes, then he’s 35 minutes late for previously scheduled clients. We promise we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

  • How much does he charge?

    Michael charges by time because, as we mentioned, he works as long as you need as opposed to giving a set, uniform amount of time to everyone. You may need more or less time depending on what you’re dealing with. He charges $8.00 a minute. It’s prorated. For example a half hour is $240.00 USD. 45 minutes is $360.00 USD. An hour is $480.00 USD. Your session will likely be something not rounded off like 23 or 42 minutes etc. Just multiply it by $8.00 and that’s your charge. He will do the math for you after your session.

    He’s actually more cost efficient than most counselors or practitioners because he doesn’t require regular, recurring appointments like most do. Even a short conversation with him can be transformational. He gives you a lot to work with in one session. A typical session is generally not a whole hour-it’s often half of that. There’s also the fact that for 30 years there’s been a tremendous demand for his time just from word of mouth! Until this website (first created in 2010) he’s never done any promotion, not even so much as a flyer and yet he’s had a thriving, full practice for decades. You might check out the Testimonials Section to see what others say. He’s truly one of a kind. Also, his work takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication and he is continuously evolving, shifting and learning new things, which keeps his practice new and transformative.

  • What forms of Payment does he take?

    We accept cash, all credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex) except Discover Card and Checks  (At this time, we do not take checks for first time phone clients. We do for first time, in person clients). Please give the secretary your card number when you schedule the session so that you and Michael don’t have to deal with it after the call. That way, you can relax and assimilate the session and he won’t be late for the next person. Of course we don’t charge the card until after the session. You can certainly keep a card number on file with us and then you don’t have to give the number again.

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    We certainly understand that things happen however, if you cancel at the last minute, you have taken time that someone else would have loved to have. We have a far more lenient cancellation policy than most practitioners. You can cancel anytime up to 12 hours before your scheduled time. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, we will need to charge you $120.00 (which is just the charge for 20 minutes). We trust you understand. We really don’t like doing that at all but otherwise folks cancel and take other’s time unnecessarily.

  • What times of day are appointments available? Can I get an appointment on the weekend?

    Mon-Friday: 10:00am  to 6:00 pm, PST
    Mon-Friday 8:45pm, PST
    Mon-Friday 9:30 pm, PST 
    Saturdays-Occasionally. Please check to see if a Saturday appointment is available the weekend you have in mind.

  • What are your office hours to schedule appointments?

    Our beautiful secretaries (Nicole and Emily) answer the phones from 10:00 to 6:00. However, please feel free to call the office (310-472-8465)  any time or day and leave a message because we schedule in the order that calls are received. Generally phone calls will get answered before emails. You can do both if you like. Please always leave your phone number even if you think we have it.

  • What time zone are you in?

    We are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.  Please do the time/date conversion when you make an appointment. The appointment time that we set with you will be U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

  • What if I’m calling internationally?

    When you make the appointment, please do the time/date conversion – the appointment time that we set with you will be U.S. Pacific Standard Time.  If you are calling from overseas, please include the country code in your number so we may return the call. You certainly can schedule over email if you prefer. If you’re calling for your actual session and you get the session line machine, please do keep trying because if you don’t know your country code etc it can be very hard for us to reach you. You could also request that Michael email you when he’s ready and ask the secretary to put your email on the schedule. Just keep checking your email.

  • Will Michael come to my house or business?

    Sure, if you need that. Travel time will be charged.

  • Does he clear spaces, homes, building etc?

    If Spirit allows. Most of the time, he does not need to physically go to the space to clear it.

  • Does he work with children?

    Very well. And he can also work with  children through the parents, sometimes,

  • Does he work with pets?

    If Spirit allows.  You can always ask.

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