Action, Presence and Overflow

When we are in the higher consciousness of Spirit, the normal human drive of ambition becomes muted for us. We are not free of it as much as we find freedom towards it and it becomes another aspect of life and of ourselves that we watch playing out before us. Ambition becomes another tool to apply in the greater manifestation of God’s purpose. As a motivating force it can still activate us into greater activity, but the initiating impulse comes not from the separate self but from the One that is all of us, that truth, that source, that presence.

When this occurs, Action is then the overflow from presence. The key thing is presence, and when you get into presence, that presence will then overflow in writing, will overflow in counseling, it will overflow in your smile. It will overflow in everything. Rather than getting seduced into seeking a different action or a better action or a higher action – all the games that the world plays and the negative power plays – the action comes from the presence. The key is in the fullness of that presence. It’s like the river will flow and it will flow you right into those things that are the right manifestation of that moment. Presence is everything. The overflow is ultimately inconsequential in terms of what the overflow looks like. It’s not inconsequential that there’s overflow, just that the thing is filled up with presence and overflow comes forward, and the overflow in any form is the blessing.



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