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Alisha Das Hayes’ Biography

Alisha Das Hayes is a Spiritual Counselor, seminar leader, and spiritual dance facilitator. Along with Michael, Alisha works with groups and individuals of all faiths and paths to transform their lives, and guide them to recognizing the Divine within. Alisha lives in Los Angeles and works throughout the world.


Alisha Das Hayes, DSS, an Ordained Minister, completed two Masters Degree programs in Psychology at The University of Santa Monica and has a Doctorate Degree in Ministerial Counseling. She has practiced energy work and ministerial counseling, specializing in working with the Angelic Realm for two decades. For 16 years she has been working closely with Michael Hayes, her husband, an internationally known Spiritual Counselor, to refine her work with clearing and uplifting consciousness.  She has a thriving private practice. She has also facilitated many Spiritual workshops and now participates in presenting Awake To Love events with Michael.

She also founded and facilitates Soul Dance, which has offered spiritually uplifting and awakened dance events in Los Angeles and Santa Monica every month non- stop for over a decade. She’s worked with groups all ages from children to senior citizens with organizations all over Los Angeles. Soul Dance has also been held in North Carolina and South America.  She donated 100% of the proceeds to charity. She has also facilitated several benefits for Charity.


Alisha's Work

The modalities she employs include:

CONSCIOUSNESS WORK — Similar to Michael’s Work including clearing from undesirable metaphysical or intrapersonal influences, working with past lives to come more present etc.

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY WORK — Including recognizing and realigning subconscious, possibly self-sabotaging parts of us so that we are wholly directed to manifesting our dreams

ANGELIC ATTUNEMENT — Connecting to Angelic guidance and assisting clients to increase their awareness of Angelic guidance and their own Angelic nature such that they may move forward with greater support

CREATIVITY AND ‘LIFE PURPOSE’ COACHING — assisting others to move past natural resistance to express their inherent God-given gifts and talents

ENERGETIC WORK — work in the Aura


MINISTERIAL COUNSELING AND REFRAMING — Forgiveness, Recognizing the blessings in challenge, Opening to receive Spiritual Support

NEXT STEPS — Giving very doable ‘homework’ and offering support to move one towards one’s heart’s desires. With email follow up if desired.

Benefits from Alisha’s Work:

• Greater attunement to their Divine nature
• Greater acceptance of and reintegration of previously self-sabotaging aspects of themselves and thus realignment towards their higher purpose
• Reawakened Creativity, inspiration, release from resistance and commitment to expressing creatively
• Increased Awareness of and openness to Angelic Support and Guidance
• Empowerment to trust their Intuition and Higher Guidance
• Self-Loving and Acceptance
• Improved Relationships, greater freedom and loving

Transformational Packages:

For those who desire greater transformation and empirical results, Alisha Das HayesAlisha offers focused, intensive, consistent, accountable programs.

Areas of transformation may include:

• Romantic, Family, Professional Relationships
• Enhanced Spiritual Attunement, Intuition and Inner Knowing
• Discovering and Living Into Your Life Purpose
• Creative Expression (Want to get writing, painting, dancing?…)
• Career Advancement

Available programs include a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year commitments.

Learn more about Alisha’s work with Individuals, Businesses and Executives, Counselors, Practitioners, and Educators, and Families and Relationships.

“Working with Alisha consistently has resulted in greater healing and blessings than I could have possibly imagined. I have propelled my career, relationships, and finances significantly upwards through clearing blocks and achieving greater alignment with my intention. I have never felt a greater connection to Spirit as I do when I work with Alisha.”

James Chew, Oil Tanker Broker

“Just one session with Alisha brought the inner peace that I had dreamed of. I have been sailing very smoothly and VERY successfully ever since. I have needed no other readings or counseling with anyone for a year since then. The lifetime we worked on seems to have been the one that needed to clear for me to fully step up to the plate. Within a month thereafter I channeled outlines for 7 workshops that becam a 6-month Intuitive Awareness Training that I am now teaching to my 3rd group of students. I am having the time of my life!”

Nancy R. Harris, DSS

Professional Intuitive, Psychotherapist

“So many of us choose to be of service to others, but who serves the servers, the practitioners, themselves?  Having just completed sessions with Alisha Hayes I can honestly say, “she does!”  I left with lightness, joy and sense of being able to “breathe” into my greater self.  It takes a very unique kind of practitioner to facilitate this kind of result- one who is humble yet confident, clear yet compassionate, and more than anything, dedicated to staying out of the way so Spirit can, in one sacred movement, serve both the server and the served.

Val Jon Farris, Fortune 100 Consultant, Award Winning Author 

“I had started writing a book but couldn’t find the time to continue writing and was frustrated.  Alisha helped me release blocks from this and other life times that were keeping me from my creative expression. I could literally feel myself changing and shifting internally. She used a Gestalt process and that situation was instantaneously cleared. She made practical suggestions to assist me to write and to experience more fun and joy in my life. She cleared things from past lives that may have been blocking a loving relationship with a man.  I’m now writing more consistently and more each time I write. I’m playing and experiencing more joy in my life.  And I now am in a loving relationship with a wonderful man!”

Cindy Rogers, Business Consultant, Author

The counseling session that I had with Alisha changed my life! I am deeply grateful for all that we cleared. Each time I listen to the recording that we made during our session, I feel a profound shift in my energy.  I become more aware of my spiritual purpose on this planet and more attuned to the living love of my Soul.”

David Whitaker, Professional Artist

“Alisha is a gift from God.  Her loving for Spirit is so pure that it reaches in like the strings of a violin resonating with the sound of God and moves your awareness to the higher planes of loving. Her keen perception and exquisite tenderness and loving support assisted me to connect with the one that has been hiding in fear and to transform this one into a Spiritual Warrior.  I am so excited to bring forward my creative expression again- to write, speak and play my beloved piano from this essence and powerful loving. I felt so respected, appreciated and honored.

Cheryl Mychuluk, Musician and Health Practitioner

“Alisha is so gifted in seeing the subtleties in our consciousness that hold us back from fully being alive and awakened to who we are.  She is the most skillful facilitator in assisting people in their transformation because she sees the bigger picture of what’s going on and shines the Light in areas that need to surface. In an egoless way she has no agenda but to serve the consciousness of the person she is with.  So much accomplished in such little time!”

Agapi Stasinopoulos, Best Selling Author of and Unbinding Your Heart and Conversations with the Goddesses 

“Alisha gracefully, lovingly, and efficiently addresses underlying core issues that allow the manifestation of disease. This insight naturally brings greater and often profound understanding and self-forgiveness. She consistently accesses a deep and profound spiritual source and shows immense integrity in assisting one to release core-limiting issues in a manner that naturally promotes healing and upliftment. I highly recommend counseling with Alisha for anyone attempting to maintain health, wellbeing, and balance in the most profound of all medical conditions, life.”

Dr. Mark King, Medical Director, Trinity Health and Wellness

“If you are looking to let go of huge chunks of karma in an easy, fun and down to earth manner, I highly recommend a session with Alisha.  I walked out of my session free of several underlying blocks that had been pushing on me for years, which I never seemed able to identify and clear.  UP UNTIL NOW with Alisha

Michael Weinberger, Screenwriter

“I was amazed at how much clearing and learning from the session continued to take place for days after working with Alisha. As a result I am more balanced, aligned with my authentic self and experience a more frequent connection with Spirit. She creates a sacred space for very deep healing work. She uses her spiritual skills to clear negative energy, provide guidance and education and facilitate self-healing.”

Mark Samuel, President and Founder, IMPAQ Corporation

Author of Creating the Accountable Organization and Co-Author of The Power of Personal Accountability.

Alisha works from a place of attunement that is rare in this world. When she has supported me with her intuition and ability to bring forward clear messages of a higher nature I have experienced great upliftment of my consciousness and release from the pain and troubles that were present for me. She has a particular aptitude for working with those parts of us that may have been under appreciated and underutilized. Doing this work can assist one to gain greater levels of attunement and refinement within themselves.

Along with her many other gifts, her connection to the Angelic Kingdom is the most direct and conscious I have ever experienced. Her high attunement to the Angelic world makes her ideally suited to supporting people in the expansion of their creative expression.

I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking for greater connection to their higher nature and freedom in their lives experience Alisha’s remarkable abilities.”

Michael Hayes, Spiritual Counselor and Facilitator

“Alisha is incredibly talented, gifted and insightful. On numerous occassions I would come very heavy-hearted and she would lift that weight. She’s absoutely magical. She restored my faith in God. I’m a huge fan. I would send anybody to her in a heartbeart.”

Suzanna Adler, Mother/ Esthetician

“As a vessel for the divine feminine, Alisha embraces her clients in layers of loving, while assisting them to transform on many levels. Her gracious manner, profound wisdom, infectious humor and empathic responses serve to create a safe space for deep and lasting work to take place.”

Kay Turbak, Marriage and Family Therapist

“My sessions with Alisha are exquisite. She is highly perceptive and extremely loving.   She gracefully sees and unwinds what needs to be unveiled that is holding me back. I don’t even need to tell her what I come for, as she intuitively steps in and sees what is there to release. I leave renewed, uplifted, joyful, tender and ready to move beautifully forward in my life in a great, new way with clarity, wisdom and connection to my purpose. I find her clear, direct, loving and highly intuitive. I have referred many folks to her and everyone has loved her work!”

Denise Lumiere, OTR/L, MA , Artist, Creativity Consultant

“The power and paradox of our couples counseling session with Alisha was that there was simultaneously communion with my partner and yet very personal, individual healing taking place. I felt my partner’s participation and presence in a profound way, yet the experience was very personal. In the end, my partner and I came out with a stronger sense of joy, loving, and enthusiasm for our relationship and the many changes on the horizon.”

Jeffrey Morgan (Attorney) and Magali Morand (Architect, Artist)

“Working with Alisha is profound. Subsequent sessions built on prior ones and the awareness and movement in my consciousness is solid and perceptible. Her heartfelt loving and insightful support has allowed me to understand and express greater aspects of my authentic self. Her attunement to Spirit and the Angelic touches me in an area of consciousness that I knew but had not been able to consciously address. I am now able to understand it, work with it, and build on it. This has been a huge blessing for me, and brings great relief and joy.”

Mark Holmes, O.M.D., L.Ac. And author

“The results of Alisha’s work verify the value! I experience significant, lasting change after each session.  I always feel remarkably better, filled with relief and joy.  She utilizes a range of techniques (including consciousness clearing, energetic work, counseling etc.) She found things affecting me of which I wasn’t aware but that once revealed brought about unexpected healing. She supported and encouraged me to my own access to Spirit. I felt empowered and honored. I am so blissed out after our sessions! This was so much more than I’d hoped for!”

Ted Drake, The Institute for Individual and World Peace

“Amazing! Alisha is the real deal. I highly recommend working with her. In her very safe and incredibly insightful manner, Alisha addressed my concerns in ways that brought immediate healing and resolution.  Often I didn’t even verbalize what was bugging me – Alisha just knew and jumped in with a higher perspective that allowed me to resolve matters.  I leave my sessions with Alisha feeling love, happiness and a sense of having gotten excellent counsel from the heart of a wise and loving angel.”

Phyllis F. Mitz, Astrologer, Author of Astrology’s Secrets to Hot Romance, You’re Every

“Alisha is a gifted Spiritual Counselor. She empties herself of any agenda or ego and becomes a pure vessel for Spirit’s guidance. She didn’t allow me to do any spiritual bypasses. She stayed with the energy present using and facilitating numerous tools and techniques to bring about my healing. I felt clear, balanced, whole and joyful at the end of our session. I am very grateful and I highly recommend Alisha.”

Kamin Bell, Life Coach, Author of Journey to Abundance

Alisha is a highly attuned being whose approach to counseling is Light filled, loving, and incredibly perceptive. She amazed me with her clarity, gentleness, and compassion as she zeroed in on deep issues that were quite complex.  I was surprised at how much energy came present for clearing and letting go of what was no longer necessary.  I came away with greater understanding and positive affirmation of inner knowledge about myself that I had doubted. Working with Alisha brought forth learning that continues to reverberate in unfolding awareness even long after our sessions.

Daniel Melbourne, Ph.D., Psychologist 

“I was devastatingly heart broken. Both John Morton and Alisha Hayes gave me the message that this was all happening for my highest good and that a greater love than I could imagine would come forward for me once I got through this. I was skeptical and when I couldn’t stop grieving, Alisha suggested I do a 32-day process of not talking, communicating, texting or responding to him.  I went through with the 32 days and it was brutal. However, as soon as I completed the 32 days, my attachment to him broke and I was FREE and it felt amazing.  As soon as that attachment broke he of course called me. For the first time he finally felt heard by me.  We decided that we wanted to get back together. I found the love that Alisha and John were talking about- the deepest, most pure loving acceptance of myself as a divine, beautiful, worthy being. Jonny and I are now engaged.”

Elsie Storm

“I had my first session with Alisha. Oh my Lord. I received such clarity in the two key issues that I’ve been struggling with. I AM SO GLAD that Alisha was able to help me really clear and get into a loving balanced place with these areas. So profound. 
Truly truly masterful.”

Zoe Golightly, Film Publicist, Communications Expert

“Alisha’s work is unique in that it combines powerful energy work with a profoundly deep and personal experience of healing oneself. The astounding part was that she picked up on exactly what I needed to work on before I really described it and even picked up on deeper issues underlying several of the challenges I am facing in my life. Working with her was truly one of the profoundest gifts I have given myself.

Jeffrey Morgan, Attorney

“The value I have found in my sessions with Alisha is to be exponentially more aware of who I really am. She empowers me to find my own answers and with that to understand that I am capable of things that I never knew I was. It has not only positively impacted my personal life but my work life too.  She has suggested many practical methods for me to be focused in the positive, to enjoy life, to support my physical body, and to love that I am.

Alisha has touched me in ways that it is very challenging to put into words. She is a loving, open, humble, generous, kind and beautiful human being. After each session I feel lifted, cleared, lighter, connected to my heart, connected to God, and myself and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

HL, Supply Chain Management Professional

“I have explored different approaches and vehicles to gain greater awareness of my own process .The work I did with Alisha Hayes was extraordinary and brought forward the sweetest surrender and flow of grace. As a result completion and a deep sense of joy filled me and for this I would love to express openly my infinite love and gratitude.”

Claudia Flores, Founder of The Angel Station

“Have you ever behaved or felt a certain way that you couldn’t understand or explain? I have. When Alisha has explained a specific karmic pattern to me, all of the confusing behaviors start to make sense. Alisha’s assists us to step back and see the bigger picture.  Even when I haven’t been able to change or shift a pattern, Alisha has given me the tools to accept and better flow with what has been happening in my life. I am deeply grateful!

Brian Cutshell, Owner, O.C.I. Leather Company Limited 

“Alisha Hayes is an amazing, bright and intuitive healer.  With her kindness and compassion she has helped me heal many issues that have been present for a long time.  Alisha is a great listener who is able to be present and neutral no matter what shows up in the session.  Her humor and angelic qualities make the sessions with her a joy!  I love being able to recommend Alisha to my clients, friends and family.”

Kelly M. White, Marriage and Family Therapist

My first session with Alisha was extremely productive and profound. While working simultaneously on the mental/emotional level and the etheric/spiritual level, Alisha gently assisted me to locate, identify and transform the source of my block. A week later I am still aware of the work we did and how by redefining and repurposing my pattern I have been able to respond rationally and lovingly in challenging situations

Bianca Rothschild, Media Entrepreneur, Artist, Peacemaker

“Working with Alisha sends me directly to freedom! She identifies the origin of the issue and then unhooks it with my permission.  This allows freedom to flow into that area. This clarity then manifests through me opening up more awareness where I can now identify any other patterns that originated from this source (i.e. the domino effect). It’s the awareness of the issue that sets up the freedom with it and beyond it.  What ever was not working on the outside resolves and flows with the new found freedom within me

Greg Blanchard, Entrepreneur

“When I got married, my wife and I asked for a session with Michael and Alisha together…all four of us at the same time. It was one of the most powerful and insightful sessions I have ever encountered. Michael and Alisha observed the same Karmic patterns, but both were able to add their own insights and messages based on their individual and unique gifts. While Michael could share with us what was going on, Alisha could educate us on the details of how it manifested and what we could do to use the information. I left very uplifted with much greater awareness and clarity about how to build on our relationship strengths and avoid those patterns that could cause unnecessary friction. I recommend a session with Michael and Alisha for any couple who wants to learn more about your partnership as well as each other.”

Mark Samuel, President and Founder, IMPAQ Corporation

“Alisha Hayes is one of God’s instruments. She has the talent of tuning into underlying areas that need to be healed and uplifted with God’s healing love and light. I have truly experienced healing and uplifting whenever Alisha worked with me.”

Richard Klein, Owner Red Foods