Beyond Material Life

This awakening is the antithesis of material life. It is undoing everything that is being fabricated. It is unraveling every knot. It is changing all the things that appear permanent, because it is everything. It has no limitation. It brings you to the one place where God is all. It is the connecting point for you, for everyone, to the place where the soul is God again. There is release of everything that in you would be a thing to relate to yourself as a thing amongst other things. This one that is all, not simply in all, but all, cannot be held in a limited form or shape, though it appears that way. It can never be lost, but appears to be so and is treated as so.

It is in you that God makes pilgrimage to your heart of hearts, offering to you the undying experience, the eternal life of God, that is shapeless, formless, transcendent, renewable, forever. Chosen by you instead is the myth of self. The one who chooses this myth rebels, seeking to repel you away from that which is the undoing, the unbinding, the release of these complicated limitations that are the persona, that are the myth of your life. As the Spirit gets closer, it will push you farther away from whatever catalyzes the Spirit or whatever circumstance, situation, influence or environment brings the message of the oneness of spirit. The totalness of Spirit. It will fight that. It then is what will resist getting lost. It is not you but pretends to be you. You gave into the pretense for so long that it is hard to not continue doing that. But inevitably the pretense will fall away, the resistance will vanish, and you will be as you’ve always been. The one begotten of God. The treasure most true. The pearl of great price. Amen



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