EnLightenment, Understanding and Working with the Light

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, ‘Let there be Light,’ and there was Light.”

Genesis 1-3

There are many descriptions of the Light in the physical and metaphysical levels of reality offered by masters of different paths. Following, I offer some of what I have personally experienced and perceived of this Light of God under the guidance of my teacher, John-Roger.

There is an essential stream through which all things are manifest and it began in the Heart of God; this was an unconditioned state, which took on conditionality. The Light as a totality is so pure that if we follow the spectrum up into Spirit it becomes clearer and clearer until we can no longer see it. At this point it can only be detected by ‘knowing’ it and by awareness of unearthly, transcendent sounds. These sounds are so magnificent that mystics have given them extraordinary descriptions such as ‘the sound of a million violins’ or ‘the humming sound of a million angel wings flapping.’

Watching the Light of God moving down through the Spiritual world towards the material world is like watching ripples splay out from a rock thrown into water. With each ripple comes a new level of manifestation. The first rings are variations of spirit but as the ripples move away from the center, the process slows until eventually tangible manifestation occurs. 

Levels of Light

Briefly, the main levels moving down from Spirit into greater density are:

Spirit level: Where the Light is clear moving down into the purest white you could ever imagine.

Soul level: This is the boundary between what’s created and uncreated. The soul is individuated God. The Light appears here in varying shades of an extraordinary golden color.

Etheric level:  Also known as the unconscious level, the archetypal level, or the symbolic level. It deals with the collective unconsciousness and is extremely powerful and dynamically creative. The Light appears in different shades of purple and violet.

Mental level: Here thought predominates and we find the universal mind.  The Light appears in shades of blue.

Causal level also called the emotional level: Here emotion predominates. The Light appears as a salmon color and different shades of orange.

Astral level: Imagination predominates and the Light appears in shades of pink.

Physical level: This is the level to which we are used to relating. The Light appears in shades of green. 

Obviously, the entire Light spectrum can be found on the earth and in other levels but the predominate Light frequencies of each level are the colors described. 

The Magnetic and Spiritual Light

As the Light turns denser and moves into levels of manifestation its color changes and adapts. Though all things were manifested under God’s original intention of Light, as Light moves through the levels below the Spirit level it takes on a magnetic quality. We can attract and direct this magnetic Light. Things can be changed, moved and manipulated via our intention. Therefore, the magnetic Light does not always work for our higher good because we can use mind and emotion to manipulate it. The magnetic Light can be used in both positive and negative ways and it adjusts according to our intention and consciousness. 

We must learn to take care when working with the Light because we can ‘miscreate’ with it too. Many great healers work with the magnetic Light. They may simply touch you and your whole life will shake because this Light has incredible power. Some of the greatest healers I have seen tap into the Light of the Etheric or unconscious plane, which is closer to the level of the Light of Spirit. It is still magnetic but, as it is purer, more powerful. Healers may do tremendous good work with this Light. However, if they were to enter a state driven by ego ambition that would be contrary to the highest good of their clients and it might corrupt their service. It is possible for us, if we open up spiritually, to attune to the Light above manifest creation, to the pure Light of Spirit. That Light won’t let us corrupt it nor do anything with it, which is against the highest good. Nevertheless, the Light in the world can be used however we choose to use it. For example, God has not interceded and stopped us from splitting the atom despite the fact that we could destroy our planet as a result. 

One reason people meditate and follow a spiritual path is to get beyond the magnetic Light and access the Spiritual Light. One key to achieving this is to reach a detached, neutral place where we are open to the highest good. Potentially, anyone can reach this state. When we look across the different religious traditions and metaphysical paths historically, many people tapped into that higher Light, and were channels and instruments for it. To this day, when we read the poetry of Rumi, his words and the energy behind them take us into that higher Light and gives us a sense of inspiration, joy, and love. His consciousness linked into that higher Light and somehow got embedded into his work. It seems to touch nearly everyone. On the other hand, some people may be moved by a certain piece of music, while it does nothing for many other people. In this case the music is most likely reflecting the magnetic Light from one of the levels of manifest creation. That doesn’t mean it’s bad; it can still be beautiful and powerful, but not as universally inspiring.

The higher Light will only work for the highest good. Our prayers go forth into the universe and they are always answered, but the level they are answered from depends on from where we pray and the clarity of our intention. If there is too much emotional demand in our prayer it will most likely be answered from a lesser level of the Light. 

Keys to working with the Higher, Spiritual Light

In the Bible there’s a passage about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. It describes him in great sorrow. Knowing that for God all things are possible, he prays, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me; yet not as I will, but as you will.” That’s a perfect example of saying, “I really want this, however Father, I trust that you know what’s best for me.” On this occasion it seems the human side of Jesus emerged, and he may have thought, ‘If there’s a way to spread the word without my body being whipped, scourged and crucified then guide me in that direction.’ Nevertheless, he gave over to the highest good.

That’s an essential step of how to work with the higher Light; a willingness to accept whatever might happen. In some ways we are able to control the magnetic Light but not the higher Light, as that Light always serves the greatest good. There are times when people say a really heartfelt prayer, which taps into the soul, and that prayer is always heard, as it is so pure.

I once knew a lady, aged 38, who hadn’t had a relationship for at least ten years. One day she felt so desperate she got down on her knees and prayed and wrote a letter to her spiritual teacher.  She wrote, “Oh please, please, send me someone I can love.” It was an extremely heartfelt prayer. About a week later she met a man at a seminar. She was 5ft 8″ and weighed about 250 pounds, and this man was 5ft 6″, maybe 110 pounds, and about 15 years younger than her. Yet they hit it off. She loved him and he loved her. They married and had two amazing little girls. They’re still together now more than 25 years later and it’s truly a dream marriage. She gave away all her preconceptions of the way it should be. When he first showed up she thought, ‘He’s too young, too short, too thin etc.,’ but she let those thoughts go, accepted him as the answer to her prayer and chose to be thankful. 

This story contains another key in how to work with the higher Light because the desperate lady asked for a place to pour her love. God is all about the loving and that brought the power of the Spiritual Light forward. We may be held in the magnetic Light when we ask for things, which are for our own gratification, by saying, “I want someone to give to me, to love me, to care for me.” That ‘me’ we are acting from is the false self, the conditioned ego of this level. When we request from that place it may be the magnetic Light, which seeks to bring it to us. When this lady asked for someone to love she requested a chance to give and share who she really was, and that brought forth the spiritual answer to her prayer. 

Light in Medicine

In our time the healing power of the Light is emerging into popular consciousness. Lasers, X rays, MRI’s, radiation therapy, and other forms of Light are now used to deal with everything from cataracts to cancers. There are also subtler uses of the Light emerging, or perhaps re-emerging. Ancient healing practices were full of ways to use Light as a healing force. Even more recently, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Dr. Royal Rife created a microscope so powerful that he could see the Light frequency and color in cells. He could see the exact nature of cancer cells and find the frequency of Light that destroyed them. His success in healing people from cancer was unmatched. However, the world was not ready for such a simple, unprofitable solution to illness at that time and Dr. Rife’s work was largely lost. 

Recently in Europe microscopes similar in magnification power to Dr. Rife’s have been produced. Perhaps mankind will get a second chance to utilize the power of Light that Dr. Rife revealed. The field of energy medicine, which could also be called Light medicine, is penetrating the mysteries of illness in remarkable ways. Recognizing the elementary truth of Light as the foundation of everything, all of life is being understood differently. Quantum mechanics is opening up even the most reluctant minds to realize everything comes down to Light and everything can potentially be changed in the Light.  

The Light Man, The God-Man

One of the oldest names for God is the Sanskrit word, ‘Hu’so the word Hu-man means God-man. The ‘hue’ of Light is how we describe it so really we are the Light man, the God man. We are collectively reawakening on the planet to truly being Hu-man, Light ones connected to Hu, the Love, God. Many times people think the Light should give them what they want even at another’s expense. Imagine two armies on the battlefield and both say, “We will win because God is on our side. We pray to God so he will give us victory.” If the Light does help them in that situation it will be the magnetic Light because the higher Light wouldn’t come in and say, “We’re in favor of the Iraqi’s today so let’s help them win this battle.” The higher Light doesn’t function like that. 

Light and Darkness

In reality darkness is different gradations of Light. In this dualistic world we see it as Light and dark but there’s no place where Light doesn’t exist. If the Light is a manifestation of God, how can there be any place where God is not? Because of the magnetic nature of Light in this world, people are able to go into very dark places and the Light they work from is not something of which we want to be part, but it is still there. The God-man is what we are after. We come to that through the higher Light. 

Calling in the Light for the Highest Good

One of the first things people need to remember is to ask for the Light. There is a saying which goes, “You receive not because you ask not.” In the illusion of the ego we often do not ask because we think we can do it alone. People often do not get the support they want from the Light because they refuse to ask for it. It serves to ask for the Light for the highest good. That’s important to understand because our idea about what should happen is one thing but what’s the highest good might be another. Maybe we ask for the Light to come in and save the relationship of a couple who are fighting, and not getting on. We think they should stay together because we believe in the ideal of love forever so we ask for the magnetic Light because we have put an agenda on it. We are saying, “Light, save their relationship!” And perhaps our prayers work and they stay together. But what if in separating they would both go on to find somebody who was truly meant for them?  Maybe a soul wants to come in and be a child of one of them but not the other. The soul says, “I wanted that person to be my mother but the right person is not present to be my father.”  The fighting couple may need to break up in this case or else the family will never get completed. That is why it’s important to ask for things for the highest good because the infinite wisdom of God will know the highest action even when we don’t. 

Sending the Light for the Highest Good

We can work with the Light by sending it to people and countries which need it. We just say, “I send the Light to Africa for the highest good.” “I want to send the Light to my sister-in-law who has cancer.” “I ask for the Light for the highest good.” Then it will go out to the relevant places and people. If we try too hard, if we demand, we fuel it with our emotion and that might bring the magnetic Light. Maybe the highest good is for our sister-in-law to pass on but we can still pour love and Light into the request while respecting and trusting God’s perfection. Many people may want a certain person, so they go to their local witch doctor and say, “Do something so they will fall in love with me.” That’s an example of using magnetic Light in a negative way to control. When people do that they might get the person, but if it is not for the highest good it could interfere with the progression of both of them.

It is the same in certain countries which have feuds dating back thousands of years. Different souls are born into that country as a learning opportunity. We might want it to be a perfect situation with the people holding hands and singing songs, but they are here to learn from their conflict. People think we need the Light to come forward and lead us to utopia, the perfect Shangri La. However, if we understand that earth is like a school for souls to experience creation in all its aspects- pleasant and unpleasant- and grow through the process we then realize that if earth achieved utopia it would not be much use as a school. There would be no reason for a soul to leave heaven to come to heaven. We are not meant to or able to interfere with the lessons some souls have come to learn but we can continually ask for the Light so the learning can hopefully take place in easier and faster ways.

Right now the earth is being bathed in extraordinary amounts of Light coming from the spiritual heavens. There is more spiritual Light being poured onto our planet than ever before. It is pushing out a lot of the old energy, resurfacing issues and conflicts. Yet as the old energies are pushed out, the world will operate under a purer Light. The more we cooperate with this process the easier it will be for everyone on the planet.  Now is a time to cast off the old skin to make way for the new. It helps to send and visualize the Light as much as possible. We can do this through our intent, and there are also techniques such as visualizing columns of Light or seeing a country filled in beautiful Light. We might say, “I want the Light to go to Ethiopia. I see it in my mind full of Light. I see a column of Light going right down through the earth, connecting and expanding until it includes the whole planet.”

Chakras and Visualization with Light

The human body has a chakra system which steps down Light. The main chakras are at the top of the head, forehead, throat, center of the chest, solar plexus, lower abdomen, and pubic bone. We can see Light moving through them in the same way as electricity moving through the power grid; there is a tremendous voltage that is being progressively stepped down. We can visualize Light passing through the chakras in a similar way by moving through the color spectrum. Perhaps we start by asking for God’s blessing and protection for the highest good. We then visualize red Light flooding down through each of our chakras and then flooding our body and our aura and then out from us to the whole world.  We then repeat the visualization with an orange Light, yellow Light, green Light, blue Light, purple Light, golden Light until we reach a pure white Light. We visualize all these coming down and healing us and our world for the highest good. 


In learning to work with the Light we are accelerating our understanding of creation, the creative process and the creative force most often referenced as God. Scientifically and intuitively we are collectively moving towards the realization that everything is Light. With this awakening awareness, we are starting to change the conceptual boundaries of what life can and cannot be. As individuals and as a collective, as we know that all imbalances of mind and body can be improved upon and perhaps remedied by proper application of Light we gain great hope for the days ahead. Perhaps we are moving towards a true age of enLightenment.



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