Awake To Love

Q & A

Q: What is going to happen on December 21st, 2012?

A: There is a misunderstanding about this time that many people hold, thinking that this is a time of disaster and loss. But the greater truth is that it is a promised blessing extended from Spirit, to lift those souls who have been caught in an illusion of hopelessness, that there is a way to live in loving, to live the way their hearts would call them to live, and that there is a benevolent source of life that oversees their world, individually and totally. That source is with them now, in their time of challenge, answering their prayers with new opportunity. This is a time of endings, but what is ending is not life, but of old ways of perceiving, old ways of knowing, and old ways of understanding and interpreting experience. It is a paradigm shift, which is really a perceptual shift, that is emerging in this time. It’s been happening over time, largely unnoticed because of its progressive approach and progressive process.

Q: What is “the Age of Collective Transformation?”

A: The Age of Collective Transformation refers to this time where we have the opportunity to collectively tap into, as large numbers of people, this same transformative power that Masters have been tapping into.  We may not tap into it to the degree they do. Maybe a thousand or more of us are needed to tap into it to match the way one great master does it.  But if there are many thousands of us, then it can be like having many of these great masters present here with us now, and the effect on our planet can really be a greatly accelerated progression of consciousness.

The angels up there (and there are angels up there) sing aloud every time someone says, “I am the son of God. I am living love. I am the beginning and the end. I am all that has ever existed and that will ever exist.” When you manifest this, then you also are the Light and the Way.

                                                          — JOHN-ROGER

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

                                                          —LAO TZU

The Soul is God particularized, so that God could know itself.

                                                         —MICHAEL HAYES

John-Roger’s Challenge

Issue yourself a challenge,
and let that challenge manifest to you
all the time,
that from this moment on,
this moment of existence…

I will start to find
happiness and peacefulness in me.
I will call upon the name of God
morning, noon and night.
And I will totally dedicate and devote myself
to the uplifting of every consciousness
who comes by me.

I will smile inwardly and outwardly.
I will not be ashamed of my love.
I will demonstrate my love totally.
I will just be there and allow everyone else
the same space in which to unfold.