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Michael Hayes’ Biography

Michael Hayes is a Spiritual Counselor and seminar leader who works with groups and individuals to transform their lives and awaken them to their spiritual nature. After 35 years and an international following, Michael is considered ‘The Counselor’s Counselor’ as he assists those who assist millions.

Michael began his spiritual work with others at the age of 21 after he received a profound spiritual healing for a disabling back condition. He was so moved and inspired by his experience that he offered his life to serving others as he had been served. He then set about learning all he could about Spirit, healing and how to awaken beyond suffering.

Within a year, Michael met John-Roger, a renowned Spiritual teacher. Upon shaking his hand, Michael had an almost instantaneous out of body experience with Jesus Christ where the greater purpose of his life was revealed to him. As Michael progressed he began to work very closely with John-Roger, assisting him with the greater spiritual work that was being done for many souls and for the planet itself.

Towards increasing his ability to assist others Michael studied extensively—gaining a M.A. degree from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio in Counseling Psychology and Creative Development. He also completed the Masters In Spiritual Psychology Program from the University of Santa Monica and the Masters of Spiritual Science Program from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy  and completed five years of study towards a Doctorate degree. Michael became an ordained minister in The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) in 1981.

As he enters his 35th year of Spiritual work, Michael is expanding the outreach of his ministry as he’s now facilitating sold out events attended by hundreds, appearing on large scale webcasts and radio and is writing a book.

He recognizes the awakening of consciousness taking place throughout the world. He is stepping forward to assist in all the ways he can. With his wife Alisha Hayes, he joins many others in transforming the world paradigm and ushering in a higher way of living.

Michael lives in Los Angeles, California with Alisha and his two sons.

Michael's Work

Almost every testimonial for Michael started with some variation of ‘I can’t describe his work, you just have to experience it’ or ‘the value goes so far beyond words…’ Exactly. We can only hope you can read beyond our words into the essence of what working with Spirit through Michael may do for you, your business, group or loved ones. Being born with Spiritual gifts, added to over three decades of daily work with thousands of individuals, several thousands of hours of meditation (sometimes 10 hours a day) and transformational workshops, plus 8 years of Graduate Education in Counseling have resulted in Michael being a Counselor of rare mastery. He is a conduit through which Spirit’s guidance and transformation may flow to you.

But what’s it like? Please see for yourself and then tell US how to describe it. (Just Kidding. Sort of.)

Here’s our best shot: While working, Michael becomes very quiet inside and waits in the stillness to listen for what is given from Spirit for the individual(s) before him. He is pragmatic and down to earth while presenting even the most metaphysical messages in a comprehensible, startlingly clear way. He speaks equally fluently with CEOs and celebrities as with children and devout Spiritual seekers. Why? Because he’s simply getting out of the way for a higher power to do the work so he is not limited by his personal capacity. He has the sight to see whether one can let go of the ‘karmic lesson’ for good (if so, he can facilitate that) or whether they have more to learn from it. If so, he lays it out for them so that they move through it more quickly and with greater peace and acceptance. He almost never tells someone what to do; rather he will assist them to be free of what is in the way of their own Spiritual sight so they will be able to make choices from freedom and clarity rather than karmic muddle.

In addition to applying his unique Spiritual gifts, Michael is also an excellent coach for those challenges that may not stem from spiritually related or metaphysical blocks. His brilliance, education and pragmatism combined with his attuned consciousness allow his clients to leave sessions with greater altitude, clarity and self-loving. They become empowered to make decisions and take actions which are truly self-supportive and in alignment with their higher purpose.

Modalities and Techniques include:

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING (described all through the site)



AURA WORK — realigning and restoring balance to the Aura

KARMIC CLEARING — Helping one to see why they created or allowed imbalance and to gain the altitude to learn from it so they won’t create it again. If allowed by Spirit, he will read past lives or talk about the karma activated by another person or situation so that they can be Spiritually clear and make more informed decisions.

MESSAGES/ READINGS FROM SPIRIT — Bringing forward counsel from specific Spiritual Sources

EDUCATION — Teaching one to gain greater access to their own intuition, clear sight and healing abilities so they are self-empowered.

LOVING — Regardless of the technique, he genuinely cares and creates an extremely relaxed and nurturing space.

Learn more about Michael’s work with Individuals, Businesses and Executives, Counselors, Practitioners, and Educators, and Families and Relationships.



“Michael’s work has been invaluable to us over the last few years. Our business has been challenged with significant growth with many expanded opportunities and possibilities, and Michael’s highly perceptive coaching has proven invaluable in helping us clarify and refine our direction and focus. His counsel has not only given us the right input at the right time – it has also helped to train us in recognizing our own intuitive truths. We consider Michael a critical member of our team – personally and professionally.”

David and Kathryn Allen, The David Allen Company. Bestselling Author of Getting Things Done, Making Life Work and Ready for Anything. Ojai, CA

“With his human compassion, love and extraordinary insight, Michael has helped me, and therefore my family too, in more than words can express!!! He gives me the knowledge and “tools” which I can use to go on with my life in a constructive and joyful way. To say it in one word: ‘Lifesaver.'”

Arpana R., Parenting Consultant, CNHS, Los Angeles CA

“Michael Hayes is a master in meeting you just where you are but then helping you move forward to places that you never thought imaginable. We are often limited by our own thoughts and beliefs.  Michael uses them as a stepping-stone to our own personal freedom allowing us to soar in our lives.”

Heide Banks, Founder and Director of A Factor Coaching. Nationally recognized author/relationship expert. New York, NY

“To get a spiritual counseling with Michael Hayes is a true privilege and blessing. Michael’s attunement to Spirit is extraordinary. His empathy and gentle loving are ever present, and that turns each session with him into a very special treat.”

Zelma Barinov, PhD., Author of “How To Make Instant Decisions and Remain Happy & Sane.” San Francisco, CA

“It is very hard to describe what Michael Hayes does for people. I usually say that he “cleans” the energy surrounding people and situations. He has helped me with a broken heart by explaining the karmic details between me and my ex-boyfriend. The information he provided with enabled me to let go and move on. I also had a very bad experience with a girl who was sending me negative energy. On a subtle level I felt it, but I also was not entirely sure. Michael not only explained what and why it happened, but he then removed the negativity, which I felt immediately. I have never met anyone who does what he does and with such kindness, love and effectiveness. I recommend him to my clients all the time and everyone has consistently thanked me for the introduction.”

Anastacia Belmonte, Massage Therapist/Energetic Healer, specializing in chronic pain management

“Working with Michael Hayes is a bit like working with my higher self. He has a unique way of opening doors into my own inner awareness, providing insights and questions that allow me to reveal previously unconscious or apparently unavailable information.  Michael has helped me understand sources of conflict in personal and business relationships, as well as uncover blocks and patterns in my own spiritual development.  In my work, I suggest that people are in the process of awakening to who they already are and always have been.  Michael assists me in my own awakening which then enables me to be of even more assistance to those whom I serve. Thanks for Being, Michael.”

Russell Bishop, Managing Partner at Bishop & Bishop, Editor at Large, <>. Santa Barbara, CA

“My experience working with Michael has been very positive. I needed help with a karmic situation that was very painful for me. I tried a lot of things to get myself out of the situation (more communication, more loving) but nothing was working. Michael’s respectful insight on the situation surprised me, but it made complete sense. I had to work a lot on forgiveness and to accept and trust the bigger picture I had discovered. But after some time, this karma was cleared completely. It was an amazing experience. When I was still in this karma, it was like I was caught in a bubble, full of emotions, doubts, un-clarity. Then one day, I had the sensation that the bubble burst. I was above, neutral, free of it, peaceful, clear. So wonderful! I had the feeling that Michael was praying for people who come to him. It was very clear inside of me. So I began to send him Light and Love for him and his family, as I do for JR & John and People I love. The second appointment, in the presence of Michael with his connection to Spirit, I connected to my own soul so well and traveled inwardly. It was amazing, all the flowers were shinning, full of Light, more beautiful than ever…it was just that I was in another consciousness, and able to receive even more beauty. The perspectives he gave, his connection with Spirit raises my level of consciousness very quickly. To be a little French: “even better than Champagne!” No side effects!”

Claudie Botte,Professional French Chief. Paris, France

“OK, you may think, “what I am going to do with this information, with these past lives or karmic situations? I want something for this life not from another, to help me now not 357 years ago!!!” But the power of the work that Michael Hayes is doing is that it is precisely helping you in your present situation… and helping A LOT. His connection with Spirit puts you in a state of understanding. Not so much on the mental plane but more on these inner planes that we don’t really know but that we feel. And in his presence, you are in this beautiful area of your life when everything is OK, clear, logical, full of the loving of the Divine. It gives me confidence, strength and love for all the things that I went through and you know what… also for the things I am going to go through in the future. Michael is a real spiritual counselor.”

Guillame Botte, Professional French Chief. Paris, France

“Michael is an amazingly insightful person, particularly in the area of relationships, which is often the single most challenging arena people find themselves involved with. Along with his perceptive abilities, he adds patience, caring and understanding –making it possible to deal with difficult, challenging and personally painful situations as gracefully as possible. The more difficult the challenge, the more practical and deeply perceptive his assistance becomes. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael and his work, having gratefully utilized his services for more than 20 years.”

Tom Boyer, Business Trainer, Coach and Consultant. Santa Barbara, CA

“Though Michael’s gifts are many, and there is a broad range to his work, one common factor in all of the sessions I have had with him is that I come away with a greater sense of movement and freedom where I had been feeling stuck, a sense of gratitude for the circumstance or situation I had just been judging, and most remarkably, the experience of lightness and laughter at what had seemed to such a hopeless problem.  In short, Michael assists me in bringing greater awareness to the loving and blessings that are present.”

DB, College Dean and Doctorate Facilitator

“Michael is a resource of great value… to me… and as a referral source for my clients. With his abilities to gain perspective and to clear blocks & limitations, he has consistently assisted me in moving forward when I’ve been confronted with inner and outer challenges, of a personal or professional nature. And I appreciate the experience, competence, & integrity, which Michael brings to his work; I am comfortable bringing up any issue and receiving of Michael’s wise counsel. With gratitude,”

Leigh Briggin, CPA, Personal Financial Specialist and Registered Investment Advisor

“Several years ago, a good friend, John-Roger suggested that I see Michael Hayes. Since then, on many occasions over the years, I have spoken to Michael on the phone, and he has counseled me at his house. It works for me either way. When Michael picks up the phone and hears my voice, he immediately knows in which specific area I am out of balance. I usually don’t even know the specifics, which is always a surprise to find out. And when I think the issue is not what Michael says, he tunes me in deeper, and I have an epiphany, realizing that he was correct. My process of release has always been simple after “I get it”. Michael asks me to forgive myself, the situation, and the other or others involved, and I immediately feel a rush of freedom from my “grunge” and a return to balance. On one occasion, Michael was telling me something very revealing about myself. I told him that John-Roger had said the same words to me in a “Light Study” 35 years before. Michael said that would make sense, since they both read from the same Akashic Records. The bottom line is that Michael has become a part of my life, and a friend that I can always count on to bring balance and healing to me. After writing this, I realize that I need to speak once again to Michael. He is one of the greatest spiritual assets in my life. His intuitive wisdom has helped keep me on track for many years. It has been a simple process. When I am off course or out of balance, Michael and release. He is one I can always count on, and his presence brings me tremendous peace and joy. Michael is a light source that we can all tap into.”

Mark Darrow, JD, MD., Internationally Recognized Physician, Lawyer and Author of Prolotheraphy: Non-Surgical Pain Relief Therapy. Santa Monica, CA

“Michael Hayes is a masterful counselor; His laser beam focus of loving has assisted me in gaining greater levels of clarity and abundance. I recommend him highly.”

Eli Davidson, International Bestselling Author of “Funky to Fabulous.” Personal and Professional Reinvention Expert. Los Angeles, CA

“My experience with Michael Hayes was nothing short of transformational, and there was never any question in my mind that the information he offered came through him but not from him. We discussed several primary relationships in my life, most notably the sadness I had always experienced around my relationship with my four-year-old daughter.  Michael’s insight into the karma that lay beneath the situation captured perfectly the feelings I had had since her birth. Most interestingly, while the insight I gained was helpful in reframing my thoughts towards her, it didn’t seem like I had to “do” anything after the session. The relationship was simply healed, as if by becoming consciously aware of the karmic debt produced a cathartic shift in my consciousness. I am so grateful to have been released from the feelings of guilt, sadness, and loss. Thank you, Michael.”

Juliette, University of Santa Monica