Moving from Law to Grace

Suppose a soul were to have a life where they incarnate as a Mongol and a male, and they ride with somebody like Genghis Khan. And what are they doing? Well, they are slaughtering and killing and pillaging, and they are good at this, so they end up killing 500 people. Under the law of karma, as set forward under Lucifer, their fate would then be to be killed 500 times. The requirement is that there must be a balancing of action for action.

But under Christ, the emphasis is different. So let’s say the soul then starts to re-embody, and they are getting bumped off, bumped off, bumped off. But along the way, there is learning taking place. This person is coming to realize in their consciousness that this is not the highest way. And they recognize that the use of violence and force and killing is a lesser choice, and there is a higher choices to be made. Then from the spiritual world, under the Christ action, this gets looked at, and then what they usually do is they take that soul and they put them into a position where they have power again, with the potential to choose killing or violence. And they see what that person chooses

The person comes to that point of, “oh, I could hurt them, have my way, and no one could stop me”- and then they don’t do it, they refrain. Under the Christ action, when this happens, when a true demonstration of learning occurs, the way the karma gets completed can be changed. Various forms of grace can be extended that allow for the karma to be dissolved without the same “eye for an eye” violence that normally occurs under karmic law. This is a deeper understanding of what Jesus meant when he said “turn the other cheek.” In this case, turning the other cheek is choosing to move away from and beyond the impulsive, animalistic, reflexive response. By making the higher choice and demonstrating the learning, the karma, or the action that sits with people, is then pulled back from them.



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