Michael Hayes on Wisdom School TV

July 30th, 2012

See Michael Hayes’ interview on Wisdom School TV, hosted by Heaven-On-Earth-Mentor, Rebecca Skeele. During this program: Exploring the Path of Love and Light in These Uncertain Times, Rebecca and Michael explore how the energetic shifts we are experiencing in these times are affecting all of us, and how we can stay more in balance and harmony. We will discuss the messages of love and light during this period of transition, and how we can attune ourselves to these messages.

Wisdom School TV, hosted by Heaven-on-Earth-Mentor, Rebecca Skeele, is dedicated to broadcasting conversations about the energetic shifts that are changing our long-held systems and patterns of behavior. The program provides practical Spiritual Wisdom for shifting old paradigms that impact our health, finances, relationships, education, families and view of Self, to serve us in moving forward in the New World that’s emerging.