Michael’s work has been invaluable to us over the last few years. Our business has been challenged with significant growth with many expanded opportunities and possibilities, and Michael’s highly perceptive coaching has proven invaluable in helping us clarify and refine our direction and focus. His counsel has not only given us the right input at the right time – it has also helped to train us in recognizing our own intuitive truths. We consider Michael a critical member of our team – personally and professionally.

David and Kathryn Allen

The David Allen Company

Bestselling Author of Getting Things Done, Making Life Work and Ready for Anything

Ojai, Ca


With his human compassion, love and extraordinary insight, Michael has helped me, and therefore my family too, in more than words can express!!! He gives me the knowledge and “tools” which I can use to go on with my life in a constructive and joyful way. To say it in one word: “Lifesaver”

Arpana R.

Parenting Consultant, CNHP

Los Angeles, Ca


Michael Hayes is a master in meeting you just where you are but then helping you move forward to places that you never thought imaginable. We are often limited by our own thoughts and beliefs.  Michael uses them as a stepping-stone to our own personal freedom allowing us to soar in our lives.


Heide Banks

Founder and Director of A Factor Coaching

Nationally recognized author/relationship expert

New York, New York


To get a spiritual counseling with Michael Hayes is a true privilege and
blessing. Michael’s attunement to Spirit is extraordinary. His empathy
and gentle loving are ever present, and that turns each session with him
into a very special treat.


Zelma Barinov, PhD,
Author of  “How To Make Instant Decisions and Remain Happy & Sane,”
San Francisco, Ca


It is very hard to describe what Michael Hayes does for people. I usually say that he “cleans” the energy surrounding people and situations. He has helped me with a broken heart by explaining the karmic details between me and my ex-boyfriend. The information he provided with enabled me to let go and move on. I also had a very bad experience with a girl who was sending me negative energy. On a subtle level I felt it, but I also was not entirely sure. Michael not only explained what and why it happened, but he then removed the negativity, which I felt immediately. I have never met anyone who does what he does and with such kindness, love and effectiveness. I recommend him to my clients all the time and everyone has consistently thanked me for the introduction.

Anastacia Belmonte

Massage Therapist/Energetic Healer, specializing in chronic pain management

Working with Michael Hayes is a bit like working with my higher self.  He has a unique way of opening doors into my own inner awareness, providing insights and questions that allow me to reveal previously unconscious or apparently unavailable information.  Michael has helped me understand sources of conflict in personal and business relationships, as well as uncover blocks and patterns in my own spiritual development.  In my work, I suggest that people are in the process of awakening to who they already are and always have been.  Michael assists me in my own awakening which then enables me to be of even more assistance to those whom I serve.  Thanks for Being, Michael.

Russell Bishop

Managing Partner at Bishop & Bishop

Editor at Large


Santa Barbara, CA


My experience working with Michael has been very positive. I needed help with a karmic situation that was very painful for me. I tried a lot of things to get myself out of the situation (more communication, more loving) but nothing was working. Michael’s respectful insight on the situation surprised me, but it made complete sense. I had to work a lot on forgiveness and to accept and trust the bigger picture I had discovered. But after some time, this karma was cleared completely. It was an amazing experience. When I was still in this karma, it was like I was caught in a bubble, full of emotions, doubts, un-clarity. Then one day, I had the sensation that the bubble burst. I was above, neutral, free of it, peaceful, clear. So wonderful! I had the feeling that Michael was praying for people who come to him. It was very clear inside of me. So I began to send him Light and Love for him and his family, as I do for JR & John and People I love. The second appointment, in the presence of Michael with his connection to Spirit, I connected to my own soul so well and traveled inwardly. It was amazing, all the flowers were shinning, full of Light, more beautiful than ever…it was just that I was in another consciousness, and able to receive even more beauty.  The perspectives he gave, his connection with Spirit raises my level of consciousness very quickly. To be a little French: “even better than Champagne!” No side effects!

Claudie Botte

Professional French Chef

Paris, France


OK, you may think, “what I am going to do with this information, with
these past lives or karmic situations? I want something for this life not from another, to help me now not 357 years ago!!!” But the power of the work that Michael Hayes is doing is that it is precisely helping you in your present situation… and helping A LOT.  His connection with Spirit puts you in a state of understanding. Not so much on the mental plane but more on these inner planes that we don’t really know but that we feel . And in his presence, you are in this beautiful area of your life when everything is OK , clear , logical , full of the loving of the Divine . It gives me confidence, strength and love for all the things that I went through and you know what… also for the things I am going to go through in the future. Michael is a real spiritual counselor.

Guillaume Botte

Professional French Chef

Paris, France


Michael is an amazingly insightful person, particularly in the area of relationships, which is often the single most challenging arena people find themselves involved with.  Along with his perceptive abilities, he adds patience, caring and understanding –making it possible to deal with difficult, challenging and personally painful situations as gracefully as possible.  The more difficult the challenge, the more practical and deeply perceptive his assistance becomes.  I wholeheartedly endorse Michael and his work, having gratefully utilized his services for more than 20 years.

Tom Boyer                                                                               

Business Trainer, Coach and Consultant     

Santa Barbara, Ca 


Though Michael’s gifts are many, and there is a broad range to his work, one common factor in all of the sessions I have had with him is that I come away with a greater sense of movement and freedom where I had been feeling stuck, a sense of gratitude for the circumstance or situation I had just been judging, and most remarkably, the experience of lightness and laughter at what had seemed to such a hopeless problem.  In short, Michael assists me in bringing greater awareness to the loving and blessings that are present.


College Dean and Doctorate Facilitator


Michael is a resource of great value… to me… and as a referral source for my clients. With his abilities to gain perspective and to clear blocks & limitations, he
has consistently assisted me in moving forward when I’ve been confronted with inner and outer challenges, of a personal or professional nature. And I appreciate the experience, competence, & integrity, which Michael brings to his work; I am comfortable bringing up any issue and receiving of Michael’s wise counsel.
With gratitude,
Leigh Briggin, CPA
Personal Financial Specialist and Registered Investment Advisor


Several years ago, a good friend, John-Roger suggested that I see Michael Hayes. Since then, on many occasions over the years, I have spoken to Michael on the phone, and he has counseled me at his house. It works for me either way. When Michael picks up the phone and hears my voice, he immediately knows in which specific area I am out of balance. I usually don’t even know the specifics, which is always a surprise to find out. And when I think the issue is not what Michael says, he tunes me in deeper, and I have an epiphany, realizing that he was correct. My process of release has always been simple after “I get it”. Michael asks me to forgive myself, the situation, and the other or others involved, and I immediately feel a rush of freedom from my “grunge” and a return to balance. On one occasion, Michael was telling me something very revealing about myself. I told him that John-Roger had said the same words to me in a “Light Study” 35 years before. Michael said that would make sense, since they both read from the same Akashic Records. The bottom line is that Michael has become a part of my life, and a friend that I can always count on to bring balance and healing to me. After writing this, I realize that I need to speak once again to Michael

He is one of the greatest spiritual assets in my life. His
intuitive wisdom has helped keep me on track for many years. It has been a
simple process. When I am off course or out of balance, Michael and release. He is one I can always count on, and his presence brings me tremendous peace and joy. Michael is a light source that we can all tap into.


Marc Darrow, JD, MD.

Internationally Recognized Physician, Lawyer and Author of Prolotherapy: Non-Surgical Pain Relief Therapy

Santa Monica, CA

Michael Hayes is a masterful counselor; His laser beam focus of loving has assisted me in gaining greater levels of clarity and abundance.

I recommend him highly.


Eli Davidson,

International Bestselling Author of “Funky to Fabulous” 

Personal and Professional Reinvention Expert

Los Angeles, Ca


My experience with Michael Hayes was nothing short of transformational, and there was never any question in my mind that the information he offered came through him but not from him.  We discussed several primary relationships in my life, most notably the sadness I had always experienced around my relationship with my four-year-old daughter.  Michael’s insight into the karma that lay beneath the situation captured perfectly the feelings I had had since her birth.  Most interestingly, while the insight I gained was helpful in reframing my thoughts towards her, it didn’t seem like I had to “do” anything after the session.  The relationship was simply healed, as if by becoming consciously aware of the karmic debt produced a cathartic shift in my consciousness.  I am so grateful to have been released from the feelings of guilt, sadness, and loss.  Thank you, Michael.  


University of Santa Monica


When I have an issue in my life that seems irresolvable, Michael always seems to be able to shed light on it that takes the energy off it and unblocks me so I feel lighter, more peaceful, freer and happier.


MJD (Error! Contact not defined.)

Real Estate Investor



When I am facing situations, relationships, etc. in my life, and I just don’t have the ability to see them from a higher perspective, I call Michael. Michael’s spiritual awareness coupled with his amazing ability to connect with divine guidance always brings me resolution and peace. One of the main benefits for me is the situation then seems to dilute in terms of the emotional intensity, and I gain a new perspective and heal those parts of myself that were out of balance.  His relationship counseling gave me new and profound insights.


Natalie Franks

Public Relations Manager for MSIA, Hair Stylist

London, UK


I’ve worked with Michael for over nine years.  His support has been and continues to be invaluable to me.  I’ve experienced significant gains in my marriage, relationships with family and friends, career, and spiritual practice due to our sessions together.  Equally as precious are the greater levels of joy, peace, clarity, compassion and loving that I’m experiencing within.  I am deeply grateful for the many gifts that I’ve received through working with Michael.

Licia Rester-Frazee

Director of Online Education, Faculty Member and Facilitator of The

University of Santa Monica


Michael is my go-to counsel whenever I need the highest, clearest, most resolution-oriented healing available.  I call for his astounding insights on any number of issues, including relationships, challenging situations, or even physical aches and pains. Michael’s perspective is so helpful I’m often healed immediately.

There are so many things that I admire about Michael.  His ability to clearly report on how my past lives, actions and decisions impact my current life is always so enlightening. But mostly I treasure Michael’s ability to describe my soul’s journey in a way that awakens deep self-recognition, self-respect and liberating forgiveness.  A counselor myself, I recognize Michael as a Master Healer and consider it a privilege to work with him.

Phyllis Firak-Mitz, M.A

Astrological Consultant

Author of Astrology’s Secrets to Hot Romance and You’re Every Sign: Using Astrology’s Keys to Create Success, Love and Happiness


A number of years ago I had the great fortune of having a series of counseling with John-Roger a noted spiritual teacher or should I say awakener to spirit.   He has a way of communicating that has assisted me in awakening to the truth that is within me and help empower me to move past my blocks and limitations.  The result was greater confidence and clarity in the decisions I would make. This has given me great success in my business life and saved me from many personal and professional problems I would have experienced had I not followed the inner guidance as he taught me to do. I also have the reference point of those times I didn’t follow my inner guidance or felt disconnected from my source which resulted in what appeared to be a life filled with problems greater than ability to solve.

A few years ago I was in one of those places within myself that I was at a loss as to how to move beyond the problems I was confronting. I had tried all I knew to do. I approached John-Roger again to assist me and he recommended Michael Hayes as a person who could help me with what I was confronted with. Michael has proven to me to be a person of rare insight and a deep connection to that which is sacred within us all. He also honors the person who referred him John-Roger by acknowledging him as a source of inspiration and guidance.

I have benefited greatly both personally and professionally from my counseling sessions with Michael. He too helps me awaken to that innate wisdom within that empowers me to remove those things that block my ability to make the necessary decisions that bring success and happiness into my life. I have likened Michael to a set of jumper cables, in my experience he helps connect me to a higher source of inspiration that I can draw upon and bring greater clarity into my life. He has proven himself to be a trusted friend.

Randy Garver

Randy Garver Landscaping

Landscape Architect


Michael Hayes’ is such a gift and blessing in my life. He offers an amazing and valuable healing service, unlike any I have ever experienced (and I’ve experienced a lot!). His work has introduced me to a path of healing that is filled with grace and ease. Individual sessions have manifested immediate results, while their accumulation seems to have also accelerated my spiritual growth and upliftment. My work with Michael has supported me in every area of my life (physical challenges, work, performing, love life, friendships, finances, personal and spiritual development and more), and has propelled me to deeper and higher relationship with God and with myself and he’s also assisted me in experiencing more delight in my human experience. Due to my work with Michael, I find myself more accepting, more loving, happier, healthier, and clearer. He is incredibly gifted and I feel so blessed and honored to have access to his services. If you have an opportunity to work with him one-on-one, I encourage you to not pass it up.

Cindy Lou Golin, PhD

Life Coach and Educator


I’ve consulted with Michael off and on for the last 20 years. His work with me has assisted me to find a greater and stronger attunement to my own inner guidance and direction, to know more clearly what is being “true” to my true self, and to let go faster of what is not in alignment with the highest good for me. I love to refer him to friends and acquaintances that are seeking to know and have more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Angel Harper

Screen Writer, Public Relations expert for MSIA

Santa Monica, Ca


When I’m stuck in a situation or relationship in my life, Michael’s perspective enables me to rise above the challenges that are causing me difficulty. His perception helps me open up to see the bigger picture so that I have greater compassion for myself and others. He uses forgiveness as a living principle, which has allowed me to heal the hurt or the judgment that can block me from knowing the greater loving that lives inside of me. After a counseling with Michael I experience greater awareness and openness. The greatest gift I receive from working with Michael is freedom.

Leslie Boyer Harradine

Partner, Managing Director

Exhact  Consulting and Training

Baden-Baden German


I’ve experienced Michael’s intuitive consulting work for many years now.  He can perceive deeply into a person’s situation, identify imbalances and help the client to rapidly correct those imbalances, resulting in a greater ability to achieve inner goals such as health, inner peace, creativity and outer goals related to finances, relationships, health, etc.  I’ve found Michael’s work to be highly effective and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who wants improvement in their life.

Karen Gilbert Hassett

Business Coach and Therapist

Brentwood, Ca.


Michael’s work is masterful.  In doing similar work and having learned almost everything I know from Michael, I appreciate his insights and the level of depth to which he can take me to clear and heal the judgments in my own conscious that keep me from moving forward.  After Gavin’s passing, his altitude, clarity and compassion allowed me to breathe without sinking into utter hopelessness, paralysis and despair.  Thank you my friend.


God bless you,

Inez Hayes



I have worked for over 30 years as a Coach, Facilitator and a Consultant to extremely high performing individuals and Fortune 1000 companies. Over that period of time the only consultant I have needed to hire to advise me in all the different aspects of my life has been Michael Hayes. His advice has benefited me both professionally and personally and I have complete trust in his advise and counsel. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone in any area as he has an expansive ability to work with individuals in a wide range of situations.


Joe Hubbard

Executive Vice President, Insight Seminars

Business & Leadership Development

Los Angeles, Ca



As the mother of 3 teenagers, life can be a bit challenging and even a little crazy at times.  I have taken all three of my teens to see Michael Hayes over the years and they always seem to walk out with more clarity, awareness, and specific tools to use in their daily life to create more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.  Michael has worked with our entire family for years and we continue going back because he has the ability to put things into perspective for us that makes sense and empowers us to move to a greater place of awareness and healing.


Marcy Hilecher

Global Project Manager, ConferenceDirect®



Michael is blessed with an extraordinary gift of spiritual awareness that allows him to see deeply into the heart of the situation.  His clarity and compassion offer gateways to accelerated transformation.   We’ve known him for 25 years and when we have need, he’s the person we call.
Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick
President and Chief Academic Officer

University of Santa Monica

Co-Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul

I suppose we’re all trying to make the most of our lives. Sometimes things happen that seem bizarre, unfair and so hard to understand and forgive. Michael is wonderful in facilitating that understanding. Understanding is so wonderful in facilitating that healing.

Paul Hunting

Director of The Natural Leadership Centre, Ltd

Author, Coach, Creator of and World Authority on Horse-Assisted Transformation

London, England

After 17 years of working with Michael, I hold him in deep love and confidence.  I’m grateful in particular for his ability to see when something has actually cleared from an individual’s consciousness.  I entrust to him clients from my own private practice, and I’m consistently more than satisfied with the results.

Johanna Jenkins, L.C.S.W.


Santa Monica, CA


There are really no words to describe what an amazing and healing experience it is working with Michael. He is an invaluable component in the way I make my life flow with joy and grace.  His incredible loving, clarity, understanding, and fun nature not only make every session a blast, but each time I come out feeling new, knowing who I am in my divinity in a greater way, and really just plain happy. I cannot express enough how deeply and beautifully my sessions with him have changed my life in a way more pronounced then I could ever possibly imagine.

Jaime King

Movie Star and Super Model


I have had many sessions with Michael over the years.  He is absolutely Masterful at what he does.  I have had some major healings on many levels and I always leave his sessions feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to keep on keeping on.  I would be happy to talk more about my experience with anyone.

Berti Klein

Movement Therapist and Dance Facilitator

I love Michael, from my direct experience he is an amazing Minister and a clear channel for Spirit and God’s Grace to come in and assist me to let go of judgments, situations and issues that I knew were there and could not or would not let go of and also issues that I didn’t even know were there.  He accomplishes what he does with clarity, objectivity, an sense of humor, compassion and certainly above all else, great loving.

I’ve called him when I’ve been on my knees, dealing with arcane issues and after he worked with me; I was standing tall and clear and much more in touch with my Heart, my Loving and able to more adeptly deal with the business world that I am in.  The ability to be more in my Heart, my Loving and my humor has helped to me deal with my business day in a more peaceful and fun way.

If you need clarity, lifting, more freedom and want to be back in your Heart, call Michael for a session and amazing Grace.


Richard Klein

Sr. Vice President, Red River Foods


Michael Hayes brings to his work not only exceptional clarity and refinement of consciousness, but also a sensitivity and range that are truly unique. As a psychologist and an educator, I have recognized, since completing my doctorate, the importance of continuously expanding my own consciousness in depth, clarity and freedom. My work with Michael, spanning over many years, has supported me in the ability to bring higher perspective to both challenging and subtle situations, and to enhance my own skills in working with myself and others.

Barbara Knight-Meyers, PhD

Psychotherapist and Insight Seminars Facilitator


Michael Hayes is a brilliant, brilliant Counselor. He truly listens to the Spiritual heart and counsels with so much love and intuition.  At the same time, he empowers us to find our own inner guidance and support. I am a veteran of the entertainment industry, which can be like riding a roller coaster. Working with Michael makes me feel like the ride is safe and gives me strength and courage to thrive. I recommend him most highly!

Sally Kirkland

Best Actress Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe Winner 


Michael Hayes has been my personal coach for 13 years.  I originally set myself a personal goal to create a business that was aligned with my soul’s purpose while also being ambitious in its delivery of products to the world that could make a big difference to the quality of life.  At the time, I was recovering from the consequences of having created success in the world at the cost of my health, my inner connection, my loving, and my joy of life.

Over the years, through sessions with Michael, I have learned how to identify and clear the ‘veils of negativity/karma’ prior to making decisions and taking action in the world.  As a result, I significantly improved their quality, which translated directly to improved performance in the business as well as my personal life.   I could write a book on the subtleties of this process as it increasingly refined my intuition.  I have learned how to listen to the cacophony of different inner signals, understand their source, and bring them into harmony so that the way forward becomes clear and congruent.  The result has been that I have learned how to merge ‘in-the-world’ information with intuitive foresight to first identify when to take clear action and then to make more confident and decisive steps forward.  This process has added a frequency to my personal inner world that makes it possible to endure, outlast and sometimes catapult through whatever is between me and results I am producing.

The path I have chosen has not been for the feint of heart but with Michael at my side, we have built a company that has produced some of the leading solutions to the fight against obesity and inactivity with our products already reaching millions in over 20 countries.  In the process, I have found myself, my confidence, my love of life and significantly enhanced my connection to my Soul’s purpose.  Thank you Michael.

Cathi Lamberti


Sportwall International, Inc

Santa Barbara, CA, 93013

Working with Michael has been one of the best things that I have done for myself.

Throughout my life I had experienced negative emotional qualities (like a sense of depression, unhappiness, etc) that seemed to come out of nowhere and had no basis to what was going on in my life at the time.

Michael helped to identify how these experiences were linked into my life and disconnect them.

I now experience a lot more enjoyment and find that I am more present in my daily activities.

Howard Lawrence


Working with Michael expands my inner confidence & enhances my inner peace.  I coach for a living.  I see Michael as the ‘Counselor’s Counselor’.  I find Michael helpful keeping me clear as I work with my clients, also assisting the integrity of my counseling to share from a clean & impeccable place.

It’s the gift I give myself, and a wise thing to do!

MJ Lemler

Life Coach


Michael’s work has helped me clear things which are in the way of my experiencing more of my true spiritual self, which automatically includes experiencing greater joy, gratitude and, most importantly, Loving.


L. Lerner



“The work Michael does is amazing and a gift.  He’s a clarifier and a guide, a counselor of wisdom and truth.  He works with me in all areas of my life – music, relationships, lifestyle and Spirit, to the extent that serves me best.  When I am really stuck in a rut, Michael is one of the first people I think of to call.  Whether he gives me the answer I want to hear or something completely different, it is always just what I need.  I leave sessions with Michael feeling lighter and clearer, on purpose and grateful for my life, in touch with the truth inside of me and the Divinity that I am.”


Eric Lumiere, 25

Recording Artist and Music Producer



I have had many sessions with Michael for all very different reasons. I have worked with him on issues from relationships, to getting more clear with my own inner attunement to Spirit, to how to cope with my daily life and staying emotionally balanced and dealing with life and death matters with family members. He has such a great attunement to Spirit and wisdom beyond any traditional therapy that has helped me more than I could ever have imagined. I have always walked away with such a deep inner peace after sessions with Michael and was able to look at my life and situations from such a higher perspective and greater clarity. I have watched Michael work with large groups of people and have seen miracles take place for others as he assists them through their process. His assistance in helping me heal old past hurts and pains is phenomenal and just his mere presence of calm and peace is healing in itself. He has such an ability to help me get to the root of my situations/crisis that I have had. He has helped me get through some life and death matters with some very close family members and with his assistance I have come out of such situations with peace and a greater ability to go forward and handle my situations from a much more graceful state.
Julie Lurie

Facilitator and Materials Expert of Non-Profit Organization

Los Angeles, CA


My wife and I came in for a session with Michael before we were married to gain clarity on how we could have a successful marriage and partnership together.   Michael brought to our awareness aspects about ourselves and our relationship that helped us tremendously in growing as a couple.  The session unveiled patterns and levels that were influencing us from our past.   We found Michael’s insight and counseling very valuable to us.

Mark Lurie

CFO of an International Non-Profit Organization


I see Michael Hayes for spiritual counseling when I need a boost of grace,
understanding, and compassion on my situation. He shares insights and can
work with me on a profound level unlike any other counselors I’ve been to.
He’s like a big brother, who knows the territory of the psyche and can
give a leg up at just the point I need it, to rise to my next level of
awareness. I’ve been seeing him for over 15 years. He never tells me what to do, but has assisted me in taking responsibility and making educated choices in my life at times when I needed assistance to see clearly. For me he gives a “bird’s eye view” that is invaluable. I highly recommend him.

Kevin McMillan

Director of Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, Los Angeles


I have worked with Michael for many years. No matter what my challenges were, when I worked with Michael, I found a way to get through them with ease and grace. He always brings a clarity that many times I can’t quite find myself. He also brings wisdom and insight that allows me to discover what is the highest good of all concerned. I know on a consistent basis when my appointment is over with Michael I will most certainly feel much better than where I started. He is a real blessing.

Where Michael also shines is his couples counseling. My wife and I see Michael together for several appointments.  With each session our marriage would improve dramatically. Today our compatibility, our love and our fun together are better than ever in large part do to Michael’s outstanding skills.

Richard Mitz, DDS

Orthodontist, Investor


Every time I’ve had a session with Michael, he hits some truths that really just open my mind and really spoke to me and awakened me to something I couldn’t see before. It’s been a great way for me to be more aware of patterns. I really appreciate the guidance that comes from spirit through him in perfect timing.  If we schedule a session, everything that is not working in our lives is brought to the forefront to work with, so it’s perfect. Experiences happen in the days before that are perfect to bring up in the session.  We spend a lot of our financial wedding gift to work with him because we felt that was the best way to start our marriage. I jut moved to California from Paris, got married and started a career. Working with him was a push from Spirit to go forward in my life into what I’m meant to do here.


Interior Designer and Luxury Marketing Consultant


More people are recognizing that forces unseen are affecting us on a daily basis. It’s great to work with Michael who understands how that works and provides such a loving and supportive environment to deal with it. Working with him has allowed me to work through patterns and negative behaviors that I’ve had.  For example, in one session he said I needed to shift something and for some reason the way he said it, I decided to shift it and I’ve never dealt with it since. I had anger patterns that came from my family and it was difficult for me to control my temper. Anger was very normal to me growing up.  In working with Michael to resolve the energy associated with that, I was able to shift that pattern in my life completely to the point that now, I won’t even participate if anger is around me. I still get angry but I understand it now rather than just giving over to uncontrollable rage and pain. I also love that working with him is a collaboration. It’s nice to get a birds eye view once in a while.  Being young and in school there’s always this vertigo associated with the future. Michael helps outfit me with the understanding and energetic context so that I can create my future better and understand that whatever happens, it’s for the highest good. He’ll shift something in the auric field so that something will move that without him, would take years of work.   Oftentimes, I’m blinded by my own arrogance in context of relationship. My ‘smartness’ will take me to the ground. Working with Michael is about a consistent course correct towards the loving and eliminating everything in the way of that.

Jeffrey Morgan

Lawyer, Poet and Musician


For many years, Michael Hayes has supported me in my spiritual growth in ways I cannot begin to describe. Recently, he assisted me to realign with my purpose in life, and I have made great changes to support myself in achieving that purpose. I spent many years doubting my own greatness and now I feel like I am on top of the world!  He has assisted me in clearing emotional, spiritual, and physical blocks that were preventing me from achieving. I have gone through ups and downs but with his assistance I have been able to get to the ups faster and stay there longer which has helped beyond description!



-David-Christopher Mychaluk, 24,



Michael has wisdom and insight far beyond his years. His unique gifts provide a perspective and context that I have personally found useful and practical. Working with Michael has provided me with answers and approaches I would have never otherwise considered, and which I have found additive to my professional knowledge and experience.


I have been a client of Michael’s for many years, and I always look forward to the next time we work together. He is consistently kind, loving, wise, and “down to earth.”  Michael is a rare gift to everyone he works with.


David Paul, MD, PhD

Private practice in Spirit-Mind-Body medicine

Faculty, University of Santa Monica


Michael Hayes is extraordinarily gifted. I have worked with him for many years and he always assists me in attuning to the deepest calling of my heart, and clearing those things that block the fullest expression of my soul.  My work with Michael allows me to be of greater service, and to be clearer and more loving in all my relationships. I am so grateful for Michael!


Bonnie Paul, Ph.D.

Private practice in spiritual psychology

Faculty, University of Santa Monica



I have worked with Michael for over 25 years and his insight and assistance has been amazing and invaluable. He has worked with me with my business when I have had issues with specific employees to the growth of the company (we doubled in size from around 500 employees to over 1,200 in less than a year) to the eventual sale of the business. I was able to get clarity and altitude on issues that seemed overwhelming at the time.

I rate Michael as the best at what he does. His talent and depth of intuition is one of the best I have ever seen. He has been an invaluable resource in my life and I give him my highest recommendation.


Richard Powell

President and CEO

Big 8 Food Stores


I hire Michael as a consultant for my business to keep me on purpose so my consciousness is clear of anything that could impact the clarity, neutrality and focus with my work.   His ability to see beyond the physical levels assists me to identify what I usually sense but have not brought previously to my conscious awareness.  This work keeps me on track and more aware of how I place my own focus and attention.



Martha Ringer

Martha Ringer & Associates

Author of Complete.Done.Finished:  The joy of doing, the freedom when done.


I have had the good fortune of working with Michael Hayes for the last ten years. His work is extraordinary, to say the least. When I come up against a moment in my life where I simply can’t see clearly, can’t feel better, can’t discern my next steps, I reach out for Michael’s brilliant counsel. Invariably, he uncovers the blocks, helps me dismantle the challenges, and effectively and compassionately puts me on a path to recovery. My life improves every time we speak. It’s pretty incredible. If he’ll agree to work with you, don’t miss out.

Debbie Robins
Film Producer/Best Selling Author/Consultant


“My sessions with Michael are a cornerstone of my spiritual progression.  From my sense of it, Michael serves as a guidepost for me to ensure that I am on track, that I am clear on levels I am consciously and not consciously aware of, and that I am keeping my eyes on the Lord.  As I step forward on my path of Soul Transcendence, there are a few truths that I know.  One of them is working with Michael Hayes.  For me, he has been a true gift from God in service to my healing and spiritual unfoldment.  Thank you, Michael.  I am grateful beyond words.”

Debbie Roth

Director, Nutrition Within LLC and PTS Rep Coordinator


Michael has provided coaching services to me for the past three years. His style is respectful, direct and honest. His perception is keen and his ability to integrate various aspects of my life together is profound. I always come away with greater clarity, greater sense of purpose and the ability to get results. He is intuitive, yet very practical. I trust his counsel and guidance.

Specifically, Michael has provided invaluable guidance to me for improving my communication skills, my self-confidence, my intuition and my ability to solve challenges. There are two specific situations in which Michael’s counsel was life changing. As a professional keynote speaker, Michael assisted me in overcoming a fear that had arisen preventing me from speaking to larger audiences. In one session, I overcame the fear and now am relaxed and confident giving speeches to any size audience. Michael also helped me in my leadership skills and behaviors. As a direct result of his counsel, I was able to double my sales this year and achieve my personal record of sales in a given year.

Michael’s approach is unique to him and I while I have had other coaches, his particular focus and method gets results that others weren’t able to achieve. I am forever grateful for Michael’s coaching.

Mark Samuel

President and Founder of IMPAQ Consulting and Training Services

Author of Creating the Accountable Organization and co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability


How do you put in words something that is intangible?  That can’t be proven?  Yet works!  And often works miraculously

Michael Hayes’ work is just that…it’s intangible…I can’t prove that it works yet I know it does…and the results are often miraculous!

I have worked with Michael and he has supported me both personally and professionally – in understanding and stepping free of some patterns that were confusing to me when I had cancer 12 years ago – and also in my role as President of Insight Seminars, an international personal and professional training company.   I have invited Michael to be a guest presenter at our most advanced seminars.  He has worked with some of our staff as well as several members of our facilitator team. What I have personally experienced, as well as witnessed in his work with others, is his assisting people in becoming more aware of their own divine nature, having a greater understanding of and then stepping free of limiting beliefs and behavior patterns to set themselves up for their next steps in their lives.

It’s as if Michael has a “live” connection with his own higher self and that of those he works with and acts as a conduit … bringing down information and the power of loving from this higher Source … all in loving service to the person with whom he is working.

I recommend Michael highly to anyone who is looking for a catalyst, a coach or advisor who can assist them in taking their next steps in going for their own inner freedom, and experiencing greater joy, fulfillment and success.

Candace Semigran

President / CEO

Insight Seminars


“Michael Hayes is a Grandmother’s and Mother’s dream!  I have two grandchildren. My grandson, who has asthma, wasn’t sleeping through the night. Michael did his magic and Jason slept through the night that very night.  My granddaughter was hospitalized with a kidney infection. My daughter and son-in law find great comfort in consulting Michael, while they seek medical care for their kids. The medical doctors work works on the physical levels while Michael tells their parents about the original origins of the children’s’ illnesses, be it past lives, negative influences etc. Utilizing Allopathic assistance and Michael’s holistic metaphysical approach together seem to be most effective.


Also, my children were aware that a man had died in the house into which they were moving. They wanted to make sure there were no vestiges of old energy floating around so they asked Michael to clear the house before they moved in. He was able to do that over the phone for them. I have friends who experienced unusual upset or shifts in their homes that couldn’t be explained and Michael was able to clear them.

Jan Shepherd




I consider Michael Hayes as a wise and trusted spiritual counselor, whom I can discuss anything with.  And I mean anything – from how to better manage my employees, be more loving with my spouse, craft my life so that I am living more authentically, or make more money through believing in my ability and investing wisely.  If I find myself conflicted or feeling down – a session with Michael helps me know that my life is right on track and unfolding in perfect ways.  Michael is not a therapist, nor a healer – yet when I work with him I experience my healing process supercharged through my own ability to go to the core of the issue that is bothering me. Through Michael’s great sense of humor, deep loving for mankind, and bright mind – he makes himself available to help others in ways that continue to astound me. I have found that it works best for me to have a session with Michael at least every 3 months or more often if I need counsel for important decisions.  I have referred others to work with Michael who are looking to deepen their relationship with themselves or God.  In my opinion, Michael Hayes is one of the most gifted spiritual counselors around.

Candy Spitzer:

CEO,  Spitzer & Associates, Inc.

Austin, Texas  


Michael has brought an extraordinary awareness to me about life long patterns and has helped me shift them.  He is gifted in assisting people to clear energies and thoughts, whether they are your own, collective emotions or good old negativity.   Whatever affects us in our life, he will see it and help you clear it.

His work is masterful, loving and compassionate. You leave his session feeling so much lighter because you are able to let go of excess baggage.  He is a true blessing.

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Author of Gods and Goddesses in Love and Professional Speaker

Brentwood, Ca


I have known Michael for many years and seen his many intuitive and spiritual gifts evolve and grow so that he increasingly shares from a place of great clarity, neutrality and wisdom.   My experience is when I’ve had a visit with Michael, that Spirit is palpably present and a higher understanding and movement in consciousness takes place with whatever I’ve brought to the table—–I am uplifted.

Timothea Stewart DSS,

Healthy Life Counselor and Certificate in Nutritional Medicine

Los Angeles, CA


I have been involved as a facilitator, seminar leader and speaker in the arena of self-development, personal growth, spiritual study, transformational education and counseling since 1977. I’ve worked with somewhere over 200,000 people and include in my circle of friends the very top people in all these fields. There are only a couple people I go to when I want personal counseling myself. Michael is one of them. He has a unique and immensely valuable gift. His perception, penetration, insight, seeing and perspective is unsurpassed. I’ve experienced almost magical results in his ability to clear my hidden unconscious blocks and issues, move and free up energy and bring in the higher spiritual perspective, knowing and energy. He does his work with compassion, empathy and kindness. And besides that, he’s just a good man. And a loving devoted father and husband.

Terry Tillman

President, 22/7 Company



I find that Michael is an extraordinary resource to have available in my life. I use his services whenever I want to gain greater clarity, whether related to work, health, relationships or any other area of my life. I appreciate the spiritual, intuitive focus of his work and at the same time find that Michael’s ‘down to earth’, common sense feedback is often the best tool for getting the clarity I am looking for. I always come away from our sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and with renewed self-confidence and purposeful direction. It’s amazing how a 30 – 40 minute conversation with Michael can so rapidly shift what might have been blocking me for days, weeks, or months. To that end, I find that his service is extraordinary good value for money also. These days, when I get it inside to call Michael, I get straight on the phone!

Sam Wigan

Internationally Acclaimed Sculptor

Kent, England