The Age of Collective Transformation

I relate back to the Bible and Jesus because he is the prime teacher for me in the spirit world. There was the statement of the Bible where he said “Behold, I make all things new” and that’s the power we are talking about here. We are at a time where bringing more of this into the planet is essential, because with the way the planet has been working, change has been so incremental. We get a master teacher coming forward who shares and delivers an experience for us, or a teaching for us, that clearly shows us the promise of what can be, and then the world pushes back and kills the teacher, or suppresses the teaching. So we get some progression and then we get resistance, and the total value of what’s there seems to get subdued. Historically over time, so many of these teachers have come forward, these “word made flesh” people, all pointing out essentially the same truth. All meeting great resistance.

But we now are coming into the Age of Collective Transformation. In this time we have the opportunity to collectively tap into, as large numbers of people, this same transformative power that they have been tapping into. We may not tap into it to the degree they do. Maybe a thousand or more of us are needed to tap into it to match the way one great master does it. But you know what, if there are many thousands of us, then it can be like having many of these great masters present here with us now, and the effect on our planet can really be the accelerated progression of consciousness that I know we’d all like to see.



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