The Word Made Manifest

Excerpted from the Live Event,  An Afternoon With Michael Hayes
wordmademanifest1 When we are supporting someone through spiritual healing we are reaching as far as we can into Spirit and bringing down as much energy and/or spiritual connection as possible. The deeper we reach, the more powerful and transformational it may be. We could describe this as invoking the power of the Word, or the Word of God.
Let’s look at how the Word and the power of the Word come into play. If we look at historical figures that brought with them the message of God we see that they spoke from Spirit. They touch into  us and allow us to know Spirit. Such people have often been called prophets or messengers. It is described in the Bible as that they are speaking  or realizing ‘the word made manifest.’ If a person is able to link to the higher consciousness of God and then speak from a connected place of consciousness, that ‘word made manifest,’ it can reach down into the one asking for healing and create transformation. Usually when the ‘Word Made Manifest’ comes through, it affects our thoughts and then our feelings thus allowing for mental-emotional transformation. It may also affect our unconscious, imagination and physical level.
I suggest that we look to perhaps an even greater goal which reflects something my teacher, John Roger, once said, “Why ask for a loaf of bread when you can ask for the grocery store?” To me, ‘the grocery store’ is what Jesus demonstrated. He was called the ‘Word Made Flesh.’ He was able to embody and convey the Father in Heaven, this Consciousness of total love, this current of pure energy that made and maintains all things. It was actualized in and through Jesus’ physical form.  Just his very presence created a transformational experience and thus allowed an extraordinary power of healing.
I am speaking of the Bible and Jesus because he is the prime teacher for me in the spirit world. There is a statement, ‘Behold. I make all things new.’ That’s the power we are talking about here.  It is time to bring more of this into the planet. Change has been incremental. Master teachers come forward to share and deliver an experience or teaching that clearly shows us the promise of what can be and  the world pushes back. It kills the teacher or suppresses the teaching and we get only some progression. Then we get resistance and the total value of what is there seems to get subdued. This keeps going on. If we look back, we see the continual arrival of all of these teachers, some of whom are truly awake, ‘Word made Flesh people, that are all pointing to the same truth.
We have the opportunity to collectively tap into a power that the mystics, prophets, saints – the great masters – have been tapping into for centuries. We may not manifest it to the degree they did, but if a hundred of us embodied it the way in which just one great master did the world could change in an instant. It would be like witnessing the return of the great masters all at once. The speed of the progression of consciousness would finally move at a pace we would all like to see.





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