Why Work with the Angelic?

Why work with the Angelic? To me, it’s more a question of if it’s working with you (and it likely is) is it the highest choice to become a more conscious participant? I’d like to share my experience with you.

We, who are spiritually oriented, have had anywhere from most of our incarnations in the Angelic to at least taken a lifetime field trip or two there. Some of us are quite recent immigrants. Therefore, it can be helpful to consciously visit the angelic to complete any unfinished business, karma, there. We may also need to retrieve any streaming parts of us still wistfully casting our eyes to that place where our heftiest responsibility was to trill praises to God whom we never forgot. As if. We can feel like a stranger in a strange land here where we have to pay bills, be on time (whatever the heck that contrivance is) and deal with negativity in a much different way. Sometimes tremendous compassion and forgiveness spills from us as we finally give ourselves a break for being (seemingly) ineffective here when we remember how different it is.

It can also be helpful to be more cognizant of the angelic so you can better understand and then bypass, clear, even educate Lucifer (the first fallen angel) and his demons (also fallen angels) rather than fear or be unconsciously run by them. Easier to deal with the ‘enemy’ when you understand them.

It is not about going to the angelic to try to squeeze back into our shimmering robes again. It’s about availing ourselves to the wild freedom of their absolute surrender to the Lord. To use to our advancement their sage counsel, overflowing loving, protection and well all those things that are magical and mystical about Angels but to NOT STOP THERE. Take that boost straight up and when you are high enough, kick out the stepstool (Apologies to Archangel Michael for that analogy but you get my drift). You are not human; you are not angel; you are born the Lord.

Angels are born in remembrance of and surrender to God, which is to where we evolve. We are born in forgetfulness but with the ability to awaken and co-create, which is to where they evolve. We are, in essence, bridging into God together and so can assist each other to get there more gracefully and expediently. We tend to worship them but I heard inside:

“We worship you perhaps even more-for you walk in this world heavily sheathed in a dream having forgotten that the Beloved made you in It’s own image. And yet, of your own accord, you choose to love God and more, to love as God loves. Thus through His human consciousness God loves Itself awake.”

In my experience, Angels are not mysterious. They are ordinary, ubiquitous, mostly formless and an immediate movement into the Divine. And so are you.

God bless you and I love you,




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