You Have Already Met Your Soul Mate


From childhood we have sought our ‘soul mate.’  In this new article below, Michael shares about discovering the truest mate of your soul. Take a spiritual soul moment in your day to fill your heart with this brief message of love and encouragement:

by Michael Hayes

When we think of a “soul mate” we are often thinking of that which will complete us and will bring wholeness to what we inherently sense as an incomplete existence.

We think, “If somehow I, as an incomplete being, could find that other incomplete being, the combination of the two of us could create the completeness that we both seek”.

That incompleteness that we experience as a human being, however, is founded upon our lack of awareness of our true nature. The true nature of ourselves is divine and whole and when we know that we have no incompleteness.

But as human beings we sense and feel the separation that is inherent within the perception of this world. Experiencing that, we suffer and we lack and we seek to end the suffering and fill the lack. The soul, however, is always one with God and because the soul is complete in itself it gains no more completeness through any other soul. So from that point of view the idea of the soul mate is flawed.

However, there are those souls that we may encounter who we have had great levels of experience with in prior embodiments. This will often foster in us a great closeness and identification with them. And with some of those souls, who we have shared great growth and great transformation, we can have what we would term “Soulic” recognition.

This experience and bond is profound and if we encounter another soul where this takes place it will be a transcendent experience that is different than what we experienced with other people. It will not necessarily be a greater attraction or desire in the normal sense of wanting to be with someone for romance or for creating together or any other reason, it will be simply that their presence seems to ignite in us the greater life of us and the greater truth of us and a greater love in us, and that’s a magical thing.

Through life you might actually experience this with another person and decide that they are your soul mate. But it could be that you might experience this on several occasions through life. It is a rare thing but it is not something that is unavailable. It is something that not everybody gets but it’s there to be had.

There’s also the reality that as we come in to this world before we take the physical form we set up for ourselves directions of learning and growth and we set up with other souls plans where we will come together to create, to share, to build, to learn, perhaps to have a family, perhaps to journey together through the experience of the material world. So those souls that we have those kinds of agreements and plans with hold for us an extraordinary attraction that draws us towards this action that we’ve set in motion.

Karma is what attracts. The word “karma” can also be understood to mean action. There are karmas that are the karmas of the past seeking balance and then there are the karmas of the actions yet to unfold. When we are meant to be with somebody the karma that is yet to unfold will draw us with a mighty pull and then that mighty pull will make us feel like we must be with that person. So this could be seen as a soul mate as it is the soul’s purpose to be together.

Painting by Elena Reznikova

There is also the reality that as our soul was individuated out of God into creation,  there were other souls  that were individuated at the same time, on the same ray of light. If we were to encounter one of those souls there might be a sense of transcendent bonding that could occur. There are so many souls in the grand scheme of reality that to encounter a soul that was individuated into creation at the exact time as your soul would be rather rare and they could therefore be understood, or related to, as a soul mate.

The common thread in each of these descriptions is that there will be something about the connection to the other person that activates within our awareness an experience of the transcendent, an experience of the divine, an experience that takes us beyond our individuation into the greater wholeness of God.

My advice to those who are looking for “their soul mate” is to look for yourself first. Find yourself in the greatest way you can. The more you find yourself, the more you’ll attract to yourself other souls ready to participate in the highest way possible.

The more you wake up to your own knowing of yourself as a soul, the more you have the capacity to commune with other souls. If you truly commune with another soul, your soul and their soul transcending together into the knowing of yourselves, it’s divinity incarnate. Then you’ll know the transcendent fullness and that one in that moment will be your soul mate.

A truly awakened being could experience a soul mate union with everybody they meet. However, everybody they meet may not experience it with them. The answer is always to awaken. In this way we can know the greatest fullness of God and the greatest experience of love. This is the treasure of life and so it is truly the highest calling for us all. Answering that call is how we come home to our self and answer it we will. For every soul will eventually commune with God as God. The kingdom of heaven will be at hand and there will be no separation in any way, in any place with any form.

With Love,
Michael Hayes



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